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Mark Harmon Net Worth 2022: Salary | Are Mark and Pam Dawber Still Married?

Mark Harmon Net Worth

Thomas Mark Harmon is a well-known actor who was born in the United States on September 2, 1951. On NCIS, he was seen mostly in the pivotal role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Since the beginning of the 1970s, he has also been seen performing a diverse range of roles.

He started off as a collegiate football player, but in 1986, People magazine dubbed him the “Sexiest Man Alive.

This was primarily due to his portrayal as Dr. Robert Caldwell on the television show St. Elsewhere.

After working as a character actor for the bulk of the decade of the 1990s, he appeared as Secret Service special agent Simon Donovan in a narrative arc that spanned four episodes of The West Wing in 2002. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for his performance in the role.

In the first two episodes of JAG, Harmon gave a guest-starring performance as the NCIS special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs character he had previously created.

In the spinoff of NCIS that Harmon starred in from 2003 through 2021, he always played the same role.


Early Life and Career Beginnings

On September 2, 1951, Thomas Mark Harmon was born in Burbank, California. Toby Harmon's father, Tom Harmon, was a Heisman Trophy-winning football player, and his mother, Elyse Knox, was a well-known actress, model, and designer, as well as an accomplished artist.

His older sisters, the late actress Kristin Nelson and the actress and model Kelly Harmon, are also in the entertainment industry. Harmon is the middle child in the family.

At Harvard-Westlake High School in Los Angeles, he received his high school education. After high school, he attended and played football at Pierce College, where he got an associate's degree.

The offers he got from numerous top college football institutions while he was there convinced him to choose UCLA over Oklahoma. He became the starting quarterback for the UCLA Bruins in 1972 and 1973 after transferring there.

Instead of going into advertising or law after graduation, Harmon decided to pursue acting instead. He also tried his hand at working in the retail industry. “Ozzie's Girls,” “Police Woman,” and “Emergency!” were some of his first jobs as an actor in 1975.

Along with “905-Wild,” a backdoor pilot for a series that never aired, he worked on two more projects with producer/creator Jack Webb: “Sam,” a short-lived series about an LAPD cop and his K-9 partner (1978), and When “Eleanor and Franklin.

The White House Years” aired, and Harmon got an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his work in the television film (1977).

Television and Film Career

A regular part in the prime-time soap opera “Flamingo Road” in 1980 catapulted Harmon's career to new heights in the 1980s.

As Dr. Robert Caldwell on “St. Elsewhere,” which was canceled after two seasons, he was cast in 1983. For nearly three seasons he portrayed Dr. Caldwell until he quit the program. It was in January 1986 that People Magazine crowned him the Sexiest Man Alive.

Actors “Stealing Home” and ‘The Presidio' starred in the 1988 flicks. However, he received little acclaim for his work in feature films.

His television ventures, on the other hand, were enormously popular. Late in his career, he appeared in various television movies, including “Prince of Bel-Air” (1986), “The Deliberate Stranger” (1986), and “After the Promise” (1987). (1987).

Mark Harmon's Net Worth

An estimated $100 million is the net worth of American actor Mark Harmon. His involvement in the CBS crime drama “NCIS” made him a household name.

On “NCIS,” he earns $525,000 every episode. A 24-episode season would cost $12.6 million. Mark Harmon typically earns over $20 million a year from his producer credits and syndication fees.

Other Career Activities

In Los Angeles and Toronto, Harmon has been in a number of theatre shows. At the Cast Theatre in Los Angeles, he appeared in performances of “Wrestlers” and “The Wager.”

He also appeared in the Canadian premiere of the play “Key Exchange” in the late 1980s. In addition, he has been in several performances of the play “Love Letters” with his wife Pam Dawber.

“NCIS: New Orleans” was Harmon's first project with Wings Productions, a production firm he started in 2014. He also produced a new CBS series based on the best-selling “Prey” novels by author John Sandford in 2018.

Personal Life

In a wedding that took place on March 21, 1987, Harmon wed actress Pam Dawber. They have two boys as a couple, Sean Thomas Harmon (born in 1988) and Ty Christian Harmon (born in 1992).

Harmon is the uncle of actress Tracy Nelson, as well as performers Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, who are members of the rock trio Nelson. Harmon's sister Kristin was formerly married to rock musician Ricky Nelson.

He first put in a request to gain custody of his nephew Sam based on the argument that his sister Kristin was unable to be a suitable parent, but he ultimately decided to withdraw the application. The other one of his sisters, Kelly, tied the knot with the automobile billionaire John DeLorean.

Frequently Asked questions

Why Was Mark Harmon Written Off NCIS?

The reason why Mark Harmon is departing NCIS is unclear. Leroy Jethro Gibbs's mothership series star Mark Harmon is said to be “ready to quit” the show when his contract ends at the conclusion of season 18.

Actually, he was until the network informed him that his departure would result in a cancellation of the show on the airwaves.

Are Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber Still Married?

Since 1987, Harmon Dawber and Pam Dawber have been happily married. The couple is parents to two young boys.

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