Mario Strikers Battle League: Everything we know so far

Mario is a jack of all trades (sometimes literally). Despite being the Mushroom Kingdom's hero, this Italian plumber has a slew of interests outside of his day job, including karting and taking part in just about every sport imaginable. Golf, tennis, and even the Olympics are all sports in which Mario has competed at some point in his life. Soccer, aka football, is one of the most popular sports in the world, but he's never played it seriously. To date, we have only been able to play with the Mushroom Kingdom's famous cast in two previous games: Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged.

Mario Strikers Battle League

This was one of the most brutal and serious depictions of Mario and his friends that we've seen in any game, despite the fact that soccer is a non-contact sport in most cases. Many people gave up hope that the Mario series would ever return because of Nintendo's more family-friendly portrayal of the character. The announcement of Mario Strikers: Battle League's sequel, now 15 years later, was even more exciting because of that. Newcomers have a lot to learn and look forward to in this game, which is very different from other Mario games and even more different from other soccer games. Here's everything you need to know about Mario Strikers: Battle League before you put your cleats on.

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Mario Strikers Battle League Release Date

Mario Strikers Battle League

Nintendo announced and confirmed the release date for Mario Strikers: Battle League during the Nintendo Direct broadcast in February 2022. The game will be released on June 10, 2022, which is the same day as the Nintendo Direct broadcast. This means that fans will only have to wait a few short months before they can get their hands on the game, which is a welcome surprise given how many games in this Direct are released simultaneously.


As expected, the Nintendo Switch will be the only platform to play this Mario sports game, which will be published by Nintendo and developed by Next Level Games (which is owned by Nintendo) and will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. If you do not have access to this console, you will be unable to participate in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

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Is there a trailer for Mario Strikers Battle League?

As the announcement trailer opens, some pre-rendered cinematics of the iconic Mario universe cast taking to the field in combat gear that makes them look more like they're getting ready for a fight than a soccer match are shown on the screen. To the delight of toads, Yoshis, Koopas, and Shy Guys, Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Toad face off against Bowser, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Rosalina in the Super Mario Bros. 3 tournament. Bowser is blown up by a giant Bob-omb at one point, and the two teams battle it out for control of the ball before we see a few special moves from the cast, culminating in Mario launching a spiraling shot that catches fire towards the goal.

After that, the footage transitions into actual gameplay, which we will discuss in greater detail in the following section. Aside from that, there isn't much more that can be said in terms of the narrative. Mario Strikers: Battle League is a sports game that is more concerned with the mechanics and events that take place during the matches than it is with any sort of overarching story.

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Where to pre-order?

Pre-orders for Mario Strikers: Battle League are currently being accepted. Reservations for the game can be made directly through Nintendo, or through most other retailers of your choice, such as GameStop and Best Buy, for the standard $60 fee. At this time, it does not appear that any special or limited editions will be released for this game, and at this time, no retailer is offering any pre-order bonuses, so you are free to purchase the game from wherever you want without fear of missing out on any content.

Final Words

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