Marie Antoinette Has Been Renewed For Season 2 Soon!

Although history is considered as an uninteresting subject while reading, but visual of any historical incident or story catch the attention of public. In this article we are going to talk about historical drama television series Marie Antoinette which is created and written by Deborah Davis. It is based on the story of the last monarch of France before the French Revolution, who was 14 years old when she married Louis-Auguste, the heir apparent, and is produced by the BBC and Canal+.

Keep reading this article till the end and get to know about the release date the next season of the series Marie Antoinette, and also about recap of previous of season and  cast, trailer and streaming platforms as well.

When The Marie Antoinette Season 2 Will Be Released?

The series originally premiered in France on 31 October 2022 and in the UK on 29 December, which consists of eight episodes. In 2023 , the series premiere in the United States on PBS.  Emilia Schüle, a German actor, portrays the title character.

We already know that season 2's first four episodes will be directed by BAFTA-nominated Ed Bazalgette, making it a very strong second season with many fan favorites coming to screens.

Although a release date for Marie Antoinette 2 is not yet confirmed, When the release date of Marie Antoinette season 2 announced officially, we will update you the details.

Moreover, the CEO of Banijay Rights said of the renewal, “Without a doubt, Marie Antoinette has been a popular drama with our buyers worldwide, and this is testament to the world-class producers in France who have created a premium, returning series for the international market.” Also he said about the new locations in the next season, “The flawless, high-quality production is filled with glamourous talent and lavish locations, and we’re thrilled to offer a landmark new season of this unique interpretation of the fashionable French queen to global audiences.”

What Happened In The Marie Antoinette?

The young Archduchess is a playful, sparkling girl who recognizes the absurdity of the elaborate French etiquette lessons she is being made to undergo. The real Marie Antoinette was only 14 when she arrived in France. She doesn't fully comprehend the terror of what she will have to sacrifice, however, until her carriage pulls away from her driveway and she is left entirely and forever alone.

Marie Antoinette Season 2

The young archduchess is heartbroken at having to leave everything she cared about (including her adorable dog!) behind at the Austrian border. King Louis XV (James Purefoy), her awkward future husband Louis the Dauphin (Louis Cunningham), who comes to welcome her carrying a dead rabbit, are among the various French relatives that the Dauphine meets.

Cunningham stands out for his portrayal of Louis , whose awkward, embarrassing behavior and dislike of necessities like hygiene make you question if he'd ever have been able to find a wife if he didn't have a crown to give her. He continually pushes her away. Instead, he chooses to remain silent and place a bolster between them on the night of their nuptials.

The first moments of this premiere's Marie Antoinette belong to Emilia Schüle, who expertly balances the young princess's bubbly energy and endearing charm with her obvious inexperience and loneliness. The young woman can talk even when she doesn't have any words to say because Schüle's expressive face can convey even the smallest change in her feelings, such as joy, fear, or apprehension. She is a young, scared Marie Antoinette who is anxious to attach herself to anyone who demonstrates even the tiniest bit of kindness or sensitivity.

French princesses don't weep in front of people, display weakness, or hint in any way that their new in-laws' unjustified cruelty is bothering them. They act as if they are unaware of the fact that they have no chemistry with the guy they are supposed to marry (this fits given that Louis and Marie Antoinette famously delayed marriage for years!). This is a tragic story about two scared teens who are forced into futures that neither of them wanted.

Marie Antoinette Season 2

The young Dauphine has so far struggled to fit in at the French court and has been quickly married off to Louis, so it's unclear how that specific angle will play out in this series. We may see her find her voice and/or a means to express herself more frequently now that her position is secure and her job is clear (produce an heir as soon as possible). (After all, I believe it's obvious that her husband won't be able to resolve the myriad problems in their recent marriage.

Marie Antoinette Season 2 Cast

Here is the list of some main cast of Marie Antoinette Season 2:-

  • Emilia Schule plays Marie Antoinette
  • James Purefoy plays Louis XV
  • Louis Cunningham plays Louis XVI
  • Jack Archer plays Lamballe
  • Caroline Piette plays Victoire

When The Trailer Of The Series Marie Antoinette Season 2 Would Be Released?

As of now , there are not any updates regarding the release date of trailer of upcoming series. Here, you can watch the trailer of Marie Antoinette season 1, as the link is given below which was release In Nov, 2022:

Where Can I Watch Marie Antoinette Series?

You can watch Marie Antoinette, PBS is premiering the series in the US. You are able to stream Marie Antoinette by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video. Moreover, Marie Antoinette premiered on the French network Canal+.


Marie Antoinette is one of the famous series which is released in US, people are curious to know about the upcoming season of Marie Antoinette. As of now, official release date of season 2 s not disclosed, will let you know once announced.

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