“Maria” the Last of Us Character: the Untold Story You Need to Know!

In episode 6 of The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie find Tommy and meet Maria, who has been living with him at a prosperous outpost in the middle of nowhere. Maria, played by Rutina Wesley, is a character in the drama.

Despite warnings about the River of Death, Joel and Ellie decide to head west. Once you cross the river, you'll find nothing but the decaying remains of the alive and the infected. The two reach the river but are quickly encircled by armed men on horses.

All of these people are looking to see if Joel and Ellie are infected and if so, what brought them here. A female member of the group steps forward after Joel's remark that he is searching for his brother. She then brings Ellie and Joel back to their hometown of Jackson, where Joel is reunited with his brother Tommy.

Maria Gives Her Introduction

Joel and Ellie finally get a proper meal after a very long time when they reunite with Tommy. After expressing gratitude for the hostess's hospitality, Joel requested some quality time with Tommy.

After Tommy tells Maria that he is now married to her, he insists that she listen in on their conversation. Things get a bit awkward. The situation is defused somewhat when Jackson is introduced to Joel and Ellie by Tommy and Maria.

Maria the Last of Us Character

Jackson is a place like no other. It's a thriving metropolis where people are carrying on much as they did before the pandemic. There are also livestock, launderettes, and many other services.

Maria is a member of a council that makes decisions for the organization. By staying out of sight, Maria and the citizens of Jackson have avoided capture by raiders and infection. Those who dared to challenge the citizens of Jackson are the ones whose bodies Joel and Ellie heard about.

Why is Tommy Hesitant to Leave Maria?

So that Tommy and Joel may spend some quality time together, Maria brings Ellie to their home. In trying to convince Tommy that telling him half-truths about Ellie is merely part of the job, Joel ends up giving Tommy misleading information.

After talking to Tommy, Joel finds out that the University of Eastern Colorado is hosting a Fireflies camp. Joel tries to enlist Tommy for this expedition, but Tommy refuses to participate.

Is Maria the reason he isn't coming, Joel, asked. Also, he wonders if she was the one who cut him off on the radio. Tommy's unexpected shift in demeanor prompts Joel to question him, and the two have a heart-to-heart in which Tommy shares the news that he is going to be a dad.

Tommy believes he will be a good father and plans to take more precautions in the future. Upon hearing this, Joel responds sarcastically, prompting Tommy to explain that just because Joel's life has halted, it doesn't mean that Tommy's must as well.

Let's Take a Look at Maria's Past

Maria makes Ellie feel at ease while Tommy and Joel catch up. She has her over to get a fresh haircut and shows her some new outfits. Ellie sees a list of names, including Kevin and Sarah, written on a chalkboard.

The birth and death dates are also inscribed on the mantle. This is a monument commemorating the deceased. Ellie speculates that perhaps Maria worked as a stylist prior to the pandemic. Although Ellie doesn't want a haircut, she offered to get one for her nevertheless.

Maria the Last of Us Character

Maria admits that she worked as an aide to an Omaha, Nebraska, district attorney. Doing hair is still her passion. She thinks of it as her “mom thing,” which is a compliment.

Maria inquires Ellie if she witnessed the memorial at its apex. Ellie pities her children. Maria then sets the record straight, telling her that Sarah is actually Joel's daughter and Kevin is her only child.

This helps Ellie understand why Joel acts the way he does. Maria tells Ellie she's worried because she thinks she doesn't know everything there is to know about Joel. During a heated debate, Maria decides that Ellie would have become an excellent lawyer because of how well she handles conflict.

In the same way, Maria discovers that Ellie is concealing a lot of information. Maria merely offers her some guidance. She warns her to be wary of her trusted associates, as it is only they who can betray her.

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