Marginho Pack and 2 scams for Govt-19: Mozart makes introductory news on Cruciro

In 2021, Cruciro’s situation is not improving, it is getting worse. At the Minro Championship, Fox was eliminated in the semifinals for the USA-MG. Coach Felipe Conciano led the opposition as he watched his team fall in the third leg of the Copa du Brazil. For his place, Mozart was hired.

At his presentation press conference, the new coach from Cruciro was ‘bombed’ with questions, raising doubts about the confidence the coaches might have in the current management of the club. Despite showing a certain awkwardness in the questions, Mozart did not escape the “conflict”, answered all the questions and talked about his style of play.

Photo: Igor Sales / Cruise

“By character, I like to attack, I have the ball, I want to push the opponent back. There are possible moments, but there are moments that are not there. My challenge as a coach is to create this identity and make the player understand that this is not an easy task,” he explained. For the intro, the new commander will already have a headache.

As stated in it, Raul Kocerus is not on the space team’s list for Saturday’s (13) fight against the Koyas. The reason for the player’s absence has not been confirmed by the Minas Gerais club, but the player’s father Virgenio Cicero has tested positive for his son Covit-19 and is already lonely for treatment.


Another with Covit-19 was Marco Antonio, who was renewed by his staff. Cruciro has not yet officially announced. The newest on Mozart’s list should be Markinho. The midfielder was close to ending his contract and making a deal with CSA, but was re-hired by the new coach and is associated with the weekend competition.

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