Manticore Games: Core Metaverse NFT Standard

Using Manticore Games' Core metaverse platform, users may create and host their own multiplayer games, and now they can bring their collections to life with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

NFT usefulness is being redefined by Core, a free creator-powered metaverse platform, which allows users to import NFT assets on the Ethereum blockchain and build engaging experiences in the Core Metaverse.

When speaking to GamesBeat, Manticore CEO Frederic Descamps noted that he sees NFTs with usefulness as a significant addition to the company's Core metaverse, the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected, much like in novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One.

Over three million core members may now simply create NFTs in their user-built metaverse, which gives real utility and functionality to the owners of communities, as well as those who are interested in crypto-currency.

Popular NFT communities like MekaVerse and 0N1 Force are already in the process of creating fully playable social worlds within the Core framework.

Along with OpenSea, Core has built an API that can read and display any Ethereum blockchain-based NFT and create new content based on that content, making it the largest marketplace for NFTs in the world.


“The crypto community has been searching for the next phase of NFTs – one that is centered on utility, interoperability, and innovation.

Manticore Games

With Core's latest offerings, “unprecedented value creation can be achieved through the strength of Core and NFTs combined with unique interactive experiences,” stated Descamps.

Fans, gamers, and others with an interest in NFTs will be able to use Core as the first platform to develop, discover, and play with their digital assets in a virtual world that they can truly immerse themselves in.

The goal is to make blockchain-based games more accessible to a wider audience. NFT games have been stymied by the difficulties of trading cryptocurrency, interoperability challenges, and user opposition.

Tools for NFT Content

In addition to today's expansion, Core is also providing hundreds of free tools and other content samples to assist users to get started creating NFT content, including VIP gates, galleries, and games, as well as creator boot camps and workshops covering Web3 development, art, and developing a community..

The metaverse is being created with the help of these first-of-a-kind characteristics. Manticore is collaborating with MekaVerse and 0N1 Force as part of its new Core Collab program to help them develop their own Core Metaverse community experiences.

In order to assist NFT owners and operators in realizing the full potential of their devices in the metaverse, only a small number of these types of collaborations are now open to the public.

Manticore Games

As of today, Core is available as a free download for people who want to create virtual worlds and experiences or simply explore the metaverse in spectacular high definition using the Unreal Engine.

The Core Metaverse attracted over three million users and over 50,000 experiences in its first year of operation. Core has more than 15,000 creators, which is astounding given that Unreal is a very advanced game production engine.

When Deadmau5 and Geoff Keighley's Axial Tilt, which featured the first live broadcast of The Game Awards in the metaverse, were released, Core became a social hub for new interactive experiences in the metaverse.

Now available on PC, Core is expected to be on iOS later this year.

The Journey to NFTs

According to Descamps, the company's entry into the NFT market was planned and took time. Learned more about the metaverse and what people desired from it through working with artists like Deadmau5

According to Descamps, “We were looking at the crypto world and especially as a whole, but notably the NFT crypto communities, and we realized that many of them were seeking for what was next.”

“There were a few of them that got themselves into a pickle. On the basis of shared interest and social interaction, they had formed these groups and collections.

Manticore Games

As a metaverse, Manticore had already constructed Core, allowing players to jump between many worlds and even create their own! And now Manticore plans to enable the items of all the NFT groups to work in Core, bringing both utility and interoperability to them all.

NFTs purchased with Ethereum can be stored in the MetaMask wallet, which is integrated with the service.

NFTs With Utility

Despite the fact that NFTs and the communities that support them claim they can be anything, they lack one critical component: functionality. For the most part, there isn't much use. According to Core, this is about to change.

MetaMask, the world's most popular wallet service, has officially been integrated into Core. A MetaMask wallet can be linked to a Core account so that Core can access the NFTs it holds.

It has been asserted by NFT that communities and their owners can create incredible experiences that are only available to their members' fans. Everything that can be done in Core can now be done on Ethereum, and the tools are entirely free.

Players can effortlessly transfer assets or characters from one game to another within the Core universe because of Manticore's self-contained metaverse. The interoperability will, according to Descamps, go much further.