Is Manifest Season 4 Coming Soon ? : Possible Release Date, Spoilers & Updates

Here's everything we know about Season 4 of Manifest, including the release date, plot, and cast. When it first aired on NBC in 2018, Manifest drew a large audience as fans tuned in to learn what had happened to Flight 828. However, despite the cliffhanger finale of season 3, Manifest was surprisingly cancelled by the network a few years later. Despite the fact that it appeared for a time that Manifest season 4 would be cancelled, Netflix stepped in to preserve the show.

The third season of Manifest continues the narrative of Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) and his family as they faced with the obstacles posed by the callings. This includes Ben looking for further information about what happened to the passengers on Flight 828, Saanvi Dahl (Parveen Kaur) teaming up with Vance to investigate the plane's tail, and Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxborough) resigning from the NYPD. All of this happened as the travellers drew closer to their Departure Date. However, Manifest season 3 ended with important events that would influence season 4, such as Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis) dying and Cal Stone (Ty Doran) growing older.

Fans have been on a rollercoaster waiting for Manifest season 4, but now that it has been confirmed, details on what it will contain are starting to emerge. This includes information on how many episodes Manifest season 4 will have, when it will be available on Netflix, and which characters and plot lines it will continue to pursue. Here's all we know about the fourth season of Manifest.

Details on the Fourth Season of Manifest

Although no specific plot details for Manifest season 4 have been released, it is likely that another time jump will occur. This will allow the show to get closer to the passengers of Flight 828's Death Date, which has long been regarded as the series' logical conclusion.

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Season 4 of Manifest will very certainly cover the aftermath of Grace's death, what Angelina did with Olive and Eden, and Cal's unexpected maturation, all as Ben leads the other passengers in figuring out how to salvage their “lifeboat.”

Returning Characters in Manifest Season 4

The cast of Manifest season 4 will see almost every important character from the show return. In prominent roles, Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxborough, Parveen Kaur, and J.R. Ramirez (Jared) will all return. Matt Long will also return in some manner as Zeke, while Ty Doran will continue to play the elder version of Cal.

Fans can also expect to see more of Olive Stone (Luna Blaise), Angelina Meyer (Holly Taylor), Captain Daly (Frank Deal), and Robert Vance (Daryl Edward). The cast of Manifest Season 4 might include any number of performers from previous seasons.

Season 4 of Manifest: When Will It Be Released?

The release date for Manifest season 4 has yet to be confirmed by Netflix. The last season's production began in November 2021, and the cast and crew will take several months to complete the final 20 episodes.

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Fans may have to wait until late 2022 or early 2023 for new episodes of Manifest season 4 due to a lack of a clear release date. If Netflix follows the two-part release method, part 1 of Manifest season 4 might appear in late 2022, with part 2 following in the spring of 2023.

Season 4 of Manifest Is Now Available on Netflix.

Season 4 of Manifest is now available on Netflix. When NBC cancelled Manifest after three seasons, there was talk that Netflix might be able to revive it. Because to the show's rising popularity on the streaming service, this was necessary. It took more than two months for NBC and Netflix to reach a deal with series creator Jeff Rake on how to make Manifest season 4 a reality.

Rake has 20 episodes to deal with as he creates Manifest's ending, which is an increased episode count by Netflix's standards. Season 4 of Manifest is expected to be released in two parts due to the larger episode count.