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Mandy Harvey Net Worth: Personal Life, Net worth And More About Mandy Harvey!

On January 2, 1988, Amanda Lynn Harvey was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States. Hearing issues had plagued Harvey since she was a little child. She lived in Cincinnati for a while before relocating to Florida and settling in St. Cloud.

Her family had attempted to address her issues in Florida, and as a result, she had multiple surgeries. None of them were successful, but things only became worse for her.

She maintained her high school studies after the family later relocated to Colorado. She graduated in 2016 and then enrolled at Colorado State University. Although she had to quit the university since, at the age of 18, she had already begun to lose her hearing.

Despite the support of her family and her attempt at a singing career, she grew pretty depressed.

Early Life Of Mandy Harvey

In Cincinnati, Ohio, on January 2, 1988, Mandy Harvey was born Amanda Lynn Harvey to Joe Harvey and Valerie. Her father was a priest, and her mother was a teacher in a public school. Mandy grew up with 3 other children, including Katie Emrich, her older sister.

mandy harvey net worth

She showed an early love for music, yet Harvey didn't even start singing until she was four. At 10, the family moved to St. Cloud, Florida. She has hearing issues and underwent numerous surgeries as a child.

When Harvey was a student at Longmont High School in Longmont, Colorado, his first discovery was made. She began to pursue her singing profession and began to take her hobby more seriously after that. She graduated from Longmont High School in 2006 with a diploma.

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Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder, caused Mandy to lose her hearing gradually. By the time she was 18, she had lost the last of her hearing. Around the same time, she started studying vocal music education at Colorado State University. After completely losing her hearing, she eventually dropped out of the university.

The career of Mandy Harvey

In 2007, after losing all of her hearing, Mandy experienced depression and even decided to stop singing. She continued to sing and discovered a method for correcting pitches using visual tuners. At Fort Collins Jay's Bistro in 2008, Mandy had the opportunity to meet Mark Sloniker, a “jazz pianist.” She started appearing at Bristo regularly after that.

Mandy was not only singing jazz tunes at Bistro during this time, but she also had the chance to demonstrate her talent at Denver's Dazzle Jazz Lounge, where she also recorded her three solo studio jazz albums.

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Many released her debut album, Smile, in 2009, and JazzTimes gave it high praise, which helped it become a big hit in the music business. Mandy's lyrics, according to JazzTimes, are intricate and engaging. The following year, she released her second album, After You've Gone, which was a hit and helped her win the 2011 VSA International Young Soloist Award.

Harvey launched her third studio album, All of Me, later in 2014, and her fourth album, Nice To Meet You, was published in 2019. Mandy Harvey decided to release her fifth studio album, Paper Cuts, in 2022.

Net Worth Of Mandy Harvey

The success of Mandy Harvey has topped the charts. As of 2022, it is projected that the former television personality and musician will have a net worth of $2 million, which she accrued throughout her ten-year career in music.

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She advanced to America's Got Talent finals, which unquestionably helped her financially. Along with singing music, she travels the world as a motivational speaker to inspire others.

Aspects Of Mandy Harvey

Home: Mandy Harvey is a well-known American star who has accomplished much in her career. She owns a lovely home and resides in Florida with her husband and child. Additionally, she holds a home in Cincinnati.

mandy harvey net worth

Mandy Harvey has a car collection but doesn't drive because she is completely deaf and cannot hear anything, even though her spouse moves a handful of her cars. She has both a Ford and a Toyota.

Personal Life of Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey disclosed that she had been married to Frenchman Travis. She announced that the couple would have their first child in early 2022. Mandy Harvey and Travis welcomed Louis, a son, as their first child on June 4, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Mandy Harvey Do Now?

Harvey is Fully Committed to Acting as an Advocate for the Deaf and Disabled Communities, in Addition to Wanting to Spread Her Illuminating Message to the Globe Through Her Music.

What Illness Does Mandy Harvey Have?

Ehlers-danlos Syndrome (Eds)

Since the Day She Was Born, Harvey Has Been Gradually Losing Her Hearing. Ehlers-danlos Syndrome (Eds), a Condition That Weakens the Body's Connective Tissues, Was Identified in Her as a Youngster.

When Did Mandy Harvey Start to Lose Her Hearing?

Deaf Jazz Musician and No Barriers Ambassador

Mandy, a Vocal Music Education Major at Colorado State University, Lost Her Residual Hearing in 2006–2007 at the Age of Eighteen due to a Connective Tissue Condition That Impacted Her Nerves and Her Dropped Out of School.

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