Manager Kim Chapter 84 Release Date: A New Thrill Is Coming Your Way!

We're here to let you know when you can expect to see Chapter 84 of Manager Kim and to warn you about any spoilers that may be included in this action manhwa. Inspired by the success of Lookism, this manhwa shares continuity with the likes of Viral Hit and My Life as a Loser. The manhwa has gained a lot of popularity due to its original cast and captivating story.

Mr. Kim, a single father and firm manager, is at the center of the narrative in Manager Kim. He had previously worked as a sergeant as a spy, tasked with gathering information on assignments in Russia and China. He has also attempted to kill the Supreme Premier twice, thus there is a price on his head in North Korea.

Mr. Kim's life was completely normal until the day his daughter Minji vanished. He set off on a mission to collect as much information as he could to find a way to save his daughter, whom he feared would be dead. As he became more determined to find his daughter, he became ruthless, killing anybody who got in his way.

Manager Kim depicts the plight of a parent who resorts to extreme measures in his search for his abducted daughter. Mr. Kim will do whatever it takes to save his daughter, including resorting to violence. In this article, we will read about Manager Kim Chapter 84 Release date in detail.

Manager Kim Chapter 84: Release Date

On the first of May in 2023, readers will be able to read Chapter 84 of Manager Kim.

Manager Kim Chapter 83 Recap

After Baek Danyeol's fraudulent scheme was discovered in Chapter 83 of Manager Kim, Manager Kim fought him as Code 66. After torturing the lady playing Kim the manager's wife, he ultimately decided to take his own life in an effort to find and rescue Minji.

There is a violent fistfight between the two of them. In an aggressive rage, Baek Danyeol seized his hair and began striking him. Manager Kim hears him say, “You're good for an oldie” before he reveals that he's been waiting to punch him every day.

Kim countered with a fist, telling him to shut up because they were too far apart for idle chatter. Danyeol was unable to continue his voyage and, in a flashback, we see him awake on a hospital bed, wondering where the northern spies went.

Manager Kim Chapter 84 Release Date

Danyeol's entire plan was motivated by a desire for retribution. Meanwhile, Baek Danyeol's alternate plan was about to enter its implementation phase. Having located Minji's daughter and her friend, the assailants prepared to execute their plan by aiming a laser rifle at the girl's forehead.

He intended to set Kim up in every situation. Minji, Hansu, and the rest of the gang did not appear to be in good shape. Their whereabouts had been discovered, and now the espionage agencies were closing in.

Danyeol had summoned all the spies to eliminate them, but Manager Kim had planned beforehand. The action then transitioned to the leader of the spy organization being wounded by gunfire.

A man walked out into the room, cigar in hand. Not only did the spies spy on the South but also fired on them. Mole Cricket, vice minister of the Special Missions Bureau and a known addict, stood before them.

Where You Can Read Manager Kim Chapter 84 Online?

On the Naver Webtoons and Naver series official page, you may find Chapter 84 of Manager Kim. The Webtoon app will have the manhwa translated into English for foreign readers. Enjoy your reading!

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