Mama Cax Has Died And Her Net Worth Was……….

Mama Cax also known as Cacsmy Brutus who was a model and Haitian-American activist  Mama Cax is also popular for fashion modelling with her prosthetic leg.

Net Worth Of Mama Cax

According to, An estimated net worth of Mama Cax was $5 million, at the time of her death.

On the other hand, As per Popular Net worth website, An estimated net worth of Mama Cax was $75 million US dollars in 2019.

Income Sources Of Mama Cax

On September 15, 2016, Mama accepted an invitation to the White House from Barack and Michelle Obama to engage in a fashion show. Mama was completing her degree and also working with Dhiren Raja at the New York mayor's office.

Cax's modelling and blogging career focused on promoting body positivity, particularly among people with disabilities. She modelled for ASOS, Nike, and Target, and was known for her daring and unapologetic fashion choices. She addressed issues such as beauty standards, ableism, and the intersection of race and disability in her writing, and income source.

She soon signed with the modelling agency JAG Models in New York City. Cax had worked with brands like Rihanna and Chromat. She had previously worked for well-known fashion designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Sephora.

Cax walked the New York Fashion Week runways in 2018. Similarly, she shared the Teen Vogue cover with Jillian Mercado and Chelsea Werner.

Cax's Achievements

She had received no awards or nominations for her achievements.  You  can also assume that she was a gifted individual. Mama Cax was a model and activist of Haitian origin.

Reason Behind Mama Cax's Death

Cax was admitted at the Royal London Hospital in England in December 2019 for extreme abdominal pain and blood clots in her lungs. She died there on December 16, 2019.

When she was 14, doctors told her she had lung cancer and osteosarcoma and gave her three weeks to live. Two years later, she had a hip replacement, but it didn't work, and her right leg had to be removed surgically as a result. She later recalled that she had to conceal her prosthetic leg for several years before regaining her confidence. She had a bachelor's and master's degree in international relations and also played wheelchair basketball at some point in her life.


Mama Cax, a model and activist who  was suffering from the deadly disease Lung Cancer. Due to this her leg was removed. But she pursued her studies and worked as well, and became a renowned personality globally. However, her Net worth is not confirmed when she died.