Make My Day Review: Survival of the Human Race in an Unknown Environment!

There are no plot details revealed in this review of the first season of the Netflix anime Make My Day. By its very nature, animation has a number of advantages over live-action, including the ability to accomplish feats for a fraction of the expense. Make My Day Review

While it may be lacking in actorly human nuance, what it lacks in may be more than made up for by the sheer scale and imagination on display. And while Netflix may have shut down its own animation division.

The fact that they continue to commission animated projects through third-party studios shows they have no plans to abandon the medium anytime soon. Make My Day makes a compelling case for the genre, in part because it's so obvious, at least in terms of presentation, how much better it could have been.

Make My Day Recap

The 3D animation, which so brilliantly portrays the core of human emotions, is undoubtedly the most fascinating part of the presentation. Character designs were kept basic yet effective, adding a new level of polish to the storytelling experience. The generally gloomy atmosphere & subject matter of most episodes did not detract from their overall appeal. Complex items, such as machines & mysterious animals, nonetheless managed to be aesthetically beautiful.

The plot of the anime, though, didn't do anything for me. The story's ending was obvious from the start & anyone could have written it. However, there were still not that many novel aspects, such as the aliens' origins or goals. The new turns weren't quite as interesting as the original ones. However, the protagonist's tragic past makes for a moving plot.

Make My Day Review

The writers also incorporated social commentary on society's class divide & the way the wealthy exploit the poor. Important considerations are also raised by contentious issues, such as public bias against offenders. Another key issue involves colonizing a planet for the advantage of one's own race at the expense of the native inhabitants.

The show's central concerns are real issues that affect a wide swath of the global population today. As a creative decision, deciding to address serious issues is crucial in starting a dialogue. There is a consistent theme throughout the show emphasizing that the creatures are not hostile.

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And the voice actors did a fantastic job bringing everyone to life. The viewers will develop a deep connection to the characters and experience every nuance of their emotions. The music played a significant role in setting the mood, which in turn made the audience anxiously await the following scene.

Make My Day Review in Detail

Make My Day is a science fiction anime aimed more at adults than children; it shares more in common with horror films like The Thing than it does with cartoons. This short story has a cast of incredibly likable characters despite its foul-mouthed protagonist, deadly antagonist, and frigid, extraterrestrial location.

At first, I couldn't stand it. Everything about it was purely visual. Make My Day continues the unfortunate trend of CGI anime not looking decent. The characters have no nuance or expressiveness. The action is sluggish and awkward. It's more of a personal criticism, but I find the creature designs to be really unremarkable.

Make My Day Review

Their orange coloring helps them stick out against the chilly background, but it also makes them seem tacked on and unnatural. The general impression of cheapness and lack of information made me doubt the story's credibility.

Jim is a young, ambitious artist who works as a prison guard on the harsh planet of Coldfoot, where captives are being exploited to mine a rich mineral called Sig. Time had passed around four episodes into the season, and things were starting to pick up steam. During Jim's escape from the planet, which has been invaded by explosive alien bugs caused by the mining, I understood that I cared about more than just Jim.

Is It Worth Watching?

The characters' genuine sincerity is what makes this story so appealing. Jim is a great protagonist since he grows and changes as the story progresses, but the supporting cast is just as interesting.

The present moment is what really matters, even though some exposition and worldbuilding are provided. Make My Day forgoes obscurity and oddness in favor of a straightforward action-adventure full of peril and genuinely touching character moments.

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Despite the obvious imitation, Make My Day gradually becomes its own thing, defined by its original characters and their shared plights, as seen by the fact that the penultimate episode proves to be a genuine tear-jerker. After that moment, it doesn't matter if the animation is jerky or looks poor.