Maia Mitchell’s Boyfriend : Complete Relationship History Explained!

Aussie actress, singer, and producer Maia Mitchell Her most known role is as Brittany Flune in Mortified. Maia is a Disney Channel favorite. McKenzie also appeared in the original Teen Beach Movie and its sequel Teen Beach 2.

Is Maia Mitchell Dating?

Her love life is often in the news. Ross Lynch and Rudy Mancuso were linked to her. So, who are Maia Mitchell's ex-lovers, and how is she doing now?

Rudy Mancuso and Maia Mitchell

Maia Mitchell has been single for 6 years. Rudy Mancuso a prominent YouTuber and actor. As everyone knows, Rudy used to be a big Vine fan, but after Vine went down in 2016, he moved on to YouTube and acting. Rudy is also the creator of the Awkward Puppets character Diego.

Maia Mitchell's Boyfriend

His YouTube channel rose in popularity. Rudy has 7 million YouTube subscribers and millions of views. So he's good online. Still, he had skill after opening for Justin Bieber in Brazil for the Purpose World Tour.

Rudy and Maia have been dating since 2015, and their bond is growing. They shared their love for each other on social media, making them #CoupleGoals.

On March 1, Maia wished his darling sweetheart a happy birthday by posting images of them near the piano. Rudy played piano with others when he wrapped one arm around Maia's shoulders. Everyone loves these, as can be seen in the comments. Maia also uploaded a black-and-white snapshot of them celebrating their fifth anniversary. “5 years,” she captioned.

Rudy Has a Lot to Offer: He Is Always Coming Up With New Ideas.

This couple is famed not just for their loving relationship but also for their talents and ingenuity—the fantastic musician and content creator Rudy. Rudy expressed his gratitude to internet users, noting that he would not have had a place to vent his thoughts and creativity if not for the internet. Maia also shows her acting abilities frequently.

For someone like myself who is constantly generating and having ideas, social media is the only and best way to get those ideas out to a significant number of people almost rapidly. A lot of imaginative and weird ideas were in Rudy's head, and he couldn't wait to get them out. “Some ideas are random and incremental. Then I start writing it down and shooting it that day,” Rudy said in the same interview.

But it wasn't always like that. He would sometimes think about how he would communicate his idea, especially on the internet, for a little longer. But he is determined and sincere in all he does.

We always support Rudy and Maia! People believe in them because they know how amazing they are as individuals and how solid their relationship has been so far (has anyone heard any bad news or conflict between them?) Their drama is astounding for those who continuously post on social media.

Ramy Youssef dated Maia Mitchell for five years before dating someone new. Before Rudy, Maia dated actor, and comedian Ramy Youssef. They dated from 2012 to 2014.

Ramy Youssef, Maia Mitchell

Ramy got his start in the Nickelodeon series See Dad Run. Since then, he's starred in blockbusters like Mr. Robot. Ramy also signed a production partnership with A24 to create new programs.

Maia Mitchell's Boyfriend

Knowing that their personal lives would be heavily scrutinized, Ramy and Maia chose to keep it hidden. They didn't hide it but didn't expose too much that would trigger talk and cameras.

Ramy occasionally shared a snapshot of himself with Maia on Instagram. They were only seen in public once, in 2013, after Maia tweeted about him. But Ramy's former Instagram is gone. Neither Ramy nor Maia explained their decision to split. Soon after the separation, Maia began dating Rudy Mancuso. Ramy found a new partner after five years.

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When Ramy premiered in 2019, Ramy stated to Interview Magazine that he had “someone” in his sights. But he didn't say who she was.

Were Maia and Ross Lynch Dating?

She dated her Teen Beach 2 co-star Ross Lynch. His face is well-known on Disney Channel.

Maia Mitchell and Ross Lynch

In a 2015 interview with Hollywood Life, Ross said that they had an unscripted kiss that they both liked. Ross believed Maia could kiss well.


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But Ross and Maia were never together. But they are real-life pals.

The Truth About Maia Mitchell and John Deluca

Another rumor about Maia's love life is with John DeLuca, an American actor. The talks began in July 2013 after they appeared in Teen Beach. John and Maia also starred in the series Jessie with Ross Lynch.

John DeLuca and Maia Mitchell

They weren't dating in real life this time. Their admirers adored them, but the romance was lacking. They were never spotted together outdoors for the Teen Beach event, yet they never disputed it.

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Mortified Shipped Maia and Luke Erceg

Luke Erceg, Maia's Mortified co-star, was also reported to be her beau. The rumors started in 2008, while the movie was released in 2006. Like Maia's other rumor, this is just that. Naturally, you imagine Maia and her co-star were a real couple! It merely proved Maia Mitchell's talent as an actress.

Maia Mitchell, a Former Cast Member of “Good Trouble,” and Rudy Mancuso Divorced “a Few Months Ago”

Going forward, Maia Mitchell of Good Trouble and Rudy Mancuso have separated after six years of dating, exclusively revealed by Us Weekly.

Just three weeks after Mitchell made her decision to leave Good Trouble after four seasons, the couple's separation became public knowledge.

Having landed her dream position at the A.C.L.U., Mitchell's character Callie Foster, who she also portrayed for five seasons on The Fosters, relocated from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. in her final episode.

She stated on Instagram, “While I have been fortunate to have this career and a job that I adore, with not an iota of remorse, for some time, I have resisted a gravitational pull to return home to Australia to be closer to my nearest and most immediate.

“I'm so delighted that I now hold the title of Good Trouble's newest biggest fan,” Mitchell said after expressing gratitude to the cast, crew, and viewers of the Freeform program.

I'm excited to see what the team has planned for what I'm sure will be another fantastic season. Every week, you better know I'll be there to cheer from the sidelines.

Later that month, the Fosters alum expressed a similar attitude in an interview with TVLine, saying that being separated from her family during the COVID-19 outbreak caused her to rethink where she wanted to live. “Yes, when I was very young, I did move to America.

If I'm being honest, being away from family has been incredibly difficult for me,” Mitchell said.

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