Madden 22 – What’s New In The Latest Patch? Find Out Here!

A new Madden NFL 22 patch is now out for all platforms, and it includes new Franchise Mode scenarios, a fix for the fifth-year option, and updated NFL Live playbooks, among other things.

Madden 22

EA plans to offer one more franchise mode update prior to the release of Madden NFL 23, but users shouldn't anticipate too much from this update given the nature of the franchise mode.

Take a look at the patch notes, which are listed below.

Madden 22 Update

Madden 22

Key Highlights

  • New Scenarios for Franchise
  • Coach Adjustments added to Practice mode
  • NFL Live Playbooks update

Franchise Updates

  • An issue with the fifth-year option situation that was preventing it from activating during the offseason has been resolved.
  • ‘Crisis in Confidence' scenario goal had a bug that prevented it from awarding Staff Points upon completion. This bug has been resolved.

Gameplay Updates

  • Adjustments to the coaching staff and coverage depths have been restored to Practice mode! Coach Adjustments and Zone Coverage Adjustments will now be accessible in Practice Mode via the RS/R3 key combination from the Play-Call Menu, as previously.
  • A problem with the Gun Wing Slot Wk: RPO Power Alert Glance play was resolved, allowing the quarterback to scramble instead of handing the ball off or passing instead.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a ‘Playmaker Flip' on the RPO Stretch play out of the Singleback Bunch TE formation from occurring on the RPO Stretch play.

Madden 22

  • The transitory modifier that was formerly employed on RPO Zone Peek plays, which allowed defenders to shed their blocks more quickly, has been removed. The exploits that led to the use of this modifier on this play have been resolved, and block sheds on this play are now based simply on the rating match-up.
  • Fixed a problem with the handoff animation on the Gun Split Slot Open: Triple Option LT play, allowing it to behave in the same way as other Triple Option handoffs going forward.

Madden 22 Franchise Deep Dive Trailer

Final Words

That’s All About Madden 22. Stay Tuned For More Updates And Bookmark Our Site For More News. Thank You For Reading!

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