Machine Gun Kelly Dating History: Here’s Complete Information!

Machine Gun Kelly Dating History: Machine Gun Kelly is one of the most sought-after artists in the business, and he's also one of the most sought-after men. The 32-year-old superstar has dated a number of famous people, including some you may not have known he dated in the past.

We've put together all of the known relationships that MGK has had over the years. See all of Machine Gun Kelly's past relationships below.

Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon

People think that MGK and Emma Cannon are married. But this has never been proven or disproven, so it is still hard to say if it is true or not.

Machine Gun Kelly Dating History

They have a daughter together whose name is Casie. But not much is known about them, like when they met or when they broke up.

Amber Rose and Machine Gun Kelly

When it comes to MGK's public relationships, this might be the most public one she's ever had. In 2015, he went out with Kanye West's ex-girlfriend Amber Rose for a short time as a casual date.

Machine Gun Kelly Dating History

From his point of view, their relationship made perfect sense at the time. But their busy work schedules put an end to their relationship just two months after they started going out.

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Machine Gun Kelly And Halsey

In 2017, when photos of Kelly and the New Jersey native were posted on social media, people thought they might be dating. This happened after pictures of them on a beach were made public.

Machine Gun Kelly Dating History

The next year, he said that he was close to the “Graveyard” singer. Then, in October 2019, Halsey started dating Evan Peters, a man she met in October 2019, after breaking up with G-Eazy in 2018.

Machine Gun Kelly and Chantel Jeffries

Machine Gun Kelly Dating History

It was said that the two musicians were dating in July 2019, and soon after that, they were seen walking down Broadway together in downtown New York City. But Jeffries and Kelly's affair wasn't confirmed or denied when it happened.

Machine Gun Kelly and Noah Cyrus

In January, the “Make Me (Cry)” singer was with the Ohio native at an afterparty for the 2020 Grammy Awards. There, the Ohio native was seen showing off his PDA. A person who was at the event said that when they got there, the two of them walked through the crowd holding hands.

Machine Gun Kelly Dating History

A person who saw them said that they stayed close together all night, even though he couldn't see them. Since both dates were on the same day, both events happened on the same day.

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Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox

When the Midnight in the Switchgrass cast members was seen together in Los Angeles, people looked their way. After being married for ten years, Green and Fox said they were splitting up three days before he confirmed the split.

A source has confirmed that the actor and actress from BH90210 are dating. Even though, when asked about their relationship, the actor said they were just friends.

Machine Gun Kelly Dating History

Megan thinks MGK is a cool guy, and because of that, their relationship has become more romantic,” the source said. Later, it came out that Fox was in Kelly's newest single, “Bloody Valentine,” which had a steamy music video to go with it.

Fox and MGK were on a short trip to Puerto Rico on January 11 when MGK asked her to marry him. At the same place where they first met, he asked her to marry him. So, she said yes when he asked her to marry him.

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The couple has been having fun together, and we hope that as they stay together, their love will grow every day. If you keep an eye on us, you'll learn more about these famous people.


That's all there is to know about Machine Gun Kelly's dating past. If you keep an eye on us, you'll learn more about famous people.