Lovestruck High Review: Is Twin Child Mother Lindsay Lohan in It?

Lovestruck High Review: A bunch of twentysomethings from the United Kingdom travel to the United States to pretend to be teenagers and compete for prom dates in this reality show.

It's awful – yet terribly, shamelessly addicting.

Lovestruck High (Amazon Prime) is the latest in a long line of objectively bad dating shows that suck you into their vacuous melodrama before you realize that hours have passed and your light has darkened to submissive darkness that can only think about who will be “pied off” next.

The concept is that a group of Love Island-style twentysomethings pretends to be attending an American-style high school to find love and win $100,000 (£80,000).

What Type of Characters Are There?

It must have been identified as “iffy” at several meetings but went through despite it. They're all British, except one Irishman, so I'm hoping they're all keeping an eye on the exchange rate.

Lovestruck High Review

Sending highly tattooed adults to a make-believe school for make-believe lessons led by actors impersonating teachers in the hopes that they will all hook up?

With its bright color palette and British boarding school meets American high school kitsch; it pays an aesthetic tribute to Adult Education.

However, it pays the most respect to Made in Chelsea.

It's shot in that peculiar scripted reality manner; what's the technical term for an earnest conversation about sentiments surrounded by a camera that looks like a lion hunting its prey? – Slow-motion photos of toned bodies “doing PE” abound.

Everything is designed to generate unnecessary conflict and stress, making it hopelessly and shamefully irresistible.

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There are two distinct characteristics.

What Happens to the Cast in the Show?

One is that it is narrated by Lindsay Lohan; who chivvies along with the action with comments like “Wow; savage” and “Geez; high school is rough” without explicitly mentioning the movie.

Lovestruck High Review

Each episode of Lovestruck High is around 48 minutes long; although it follows the reality TV trend of extensively reviewing events that have already occurred or meticulously describing events that are due to occur; it could easily shave 20 minutes off its running time.

“I'm kissing all these people,” one newbie adds, as we just saw him kissing all these individuals.

Another novelty, if you can call it that, is that this isn't your typical straight men and straight women vying for one other's love.

The contestants range from straight to gay to everything in between.

At first glance, this appears to offer the element of confusion that all dating programs should aspire for; people are unsure who to invite to the homecoming dance because not everyone is open about their sexuality, to begin with.

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However, cliques and social groups form quickly, and sexual inclinations become the least of anyone's concerns.

Show Episodes Overview!

This is mostly staged reality by numbers, and not even a milkshake at the café after a cheerleading lesson set to a soundtrack of Mean Girls in-jokes can change that.

The first three episodes “drop” all at once, and the drama moves at an incredible pace. Like a liquid metal Terminator, friendships, crushes, and relationships form, collapse, and reform.

When a little and entirely expected twist occurs at the end of the third episode, the entire cast begins to act as if someone has died right in front of them.

In every sense of the term, it's hysterical. I was immediately drawn in, though I couldn't help but worry whether I was the only one who had been duped.

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New Narrator:

Lovestruck High is a unique dating show that will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on May 18.

Lovestruck High Review

We are a country obsessed with seeing people fall in love. We'll watch Celebs Go Dating or First Dates if it's not Love Island.

Lovestruck High, a new series likely to be added to the mix, follows a group of 17 singletons who are brought back to school to live out their American high-school fantasies.

In the LGBTQIA+ inclusive series; they'll have the opportunity to date their peers while avoiding detention; getting ready for prom, and practicing their cheerleading techniques.

The winner of a share of the $100,000 (£80,000) prize will be determined on prom night; with a king and queen chosen to split the reward.

Fans will follow them through all of the ups and downs; as not all of them will make it through the semester; as narrated by Lindsay Lohan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Out?

Lovestruck high release date: May 18, 2022

Is The trailer Available?