Love Jinx Chapter 69 Release Date and Updates for Popular BL Drama Webcomic!

Geonhan is the creator of the webcomic Love Jinx. This BL drama follows Lim Haegyung, who seems to be the source of a jinx that causes bad things to happen whenever he kisses someone, and Kang Woojin.

People from all walks of life have fallen in love with the manga Love Jinx. The compelling plot and fascinating characters have kept readers waiting for the next installment. Here, you'll find all the information you need to know about the upcoming release of Love Jinx chapter 69, including plot summaries and character profiles.

Love Jinx Chapter 69 Release Date

There is no confirmed information about a release date at this time. We will update this page as soon as the release date is announced officially. The release of Love Jinx Chapter 69 on one of the major manga sites that makes it available for free online reading has been delayed.

However, the manga is updated on the website frequently, so readers can look forward to a new chapter very soon. In addition to reading Love Jinx, users can sign up for updates by adding the novel to their bookmarks and logging into their accounts.

Love Jinx Chapter 69 Release Date

The plot of Love Jinx revolves around Lim Haegyung, a victim of a strange jinx that brings about terrible events whenever he kisses someone, and Kang Woojin, who seems to be the source of the jinx.

Love Jinx Chapter 68 Recap!

In Love Jinx Chapter 68, the flashbacks that have been revealing Haegyung and Woojin's past relationship continue. Haegyung spends the night with Woojin, and the chapter opens with her waking up in his bed.

He tries to slip away undetected, but Woojin grabs him and pulls him back. He tells him he enjoys being in his company and then asks him why he avoids him so much. Haegyung is stunned and confused by Woojin's confession.

Even though he is surrounded by women, he cannot fathom why Woojin is so enamored of him. It doesn't help that he cheated on his boyfriend with Woojin and feels terrible about it. He explains to Woojin that he has another significant other and can't be with him.

Love Jinx Chapter 69 Release Date

Let him go and forget about him, he begs. Woojin claims he has no feelings for Haegyung or anyone else, but he still won't let him go. According to him, all he wants is Haegyung, and he's not going to give up on him.

Again, he leans in for a kiss and a plea for him to stay with him. Haegyung can't decide between Woojin and his boyfriend, so he's torn. He doesn't know what to say or do. He is unsure if Woojin is sincere in his feelings for him or just playing around.

Even as he begins to develop feelings for Woojin, he wonders how much he is actually influencing him.

Where Can I Read Love Jinx Chapter 69 Online?

InfinityScans, for example, features high-quality scans and frequent updates of many manhwa webtoons, including Love Jinx, so that you can read it quickly and easily online.

You can read popular webtoons like Love Jinx and many others for free on ManhuaScan. Love Jinx, one of many manga or manhwa webcomics available at Mangakakalot.

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