Love Island: Are Celery and Johnny Still Together?

In ‘Love Island,' eligible bachelors and bachelorettes are locked in a Las Vegas hotel villa for a romantic reality show. On the second season of ‘Love Island USA,' several couples formed as the “Islanders” paired off with new contestants each week.

Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks became a favorite duo among the strong singles looking for love, desire, friendship, or a short fling. Through the course of their travels, Cely and Johnny faced a lengthy, difficult, and intriguing stretch of ups and downs.

As a result of the chemistry they shared, they ended up as season 2's runner-ups. With their increasing popularity, it is natural for their fans to wonder if the beloved couple is still together or if they’ve gone their separate ways. What we do know is listed here.

Celery and Johnny's Journey on Love Island

Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks had a beautiful run on the show. Several viewers have found particularly endearing the lovely moments the two characters shared from the very beginning of the show.

Despite a few minor hiccups, the pair managed to grow closer to one another throughout the course of the season. As time went on, they gained the support of millions of admirers who cheered for them.

When Mercades, a newbie, first laid eyes on Johnny, Cely's concerns and insecurities about her new boyfriend were triggered. The latter let attraction and the sin of lust take the better of him, and he ended up almost making out with Mercades.

Are Celery and Johnny Still Together

As Cely returned to the main villa, Johnny played a game of Dare in which he let Mercades lick whipped cream off his body. Several viewers were shocked by this development and felt horrible for Cely.

Johnny had to steer two ships at once and choose between two stunning women who felt deeply about him. Johnny and Mercades spent the night making out, but the next day Johnny told Cely how he felt about her, which broke Mercades' heart.

When Cely found out that Johnny had made out with a stranger, she was upset. Yet, she decided to forgive him. They stuck together until the very end, vowing to remain a couple long after the cameras stopped rolling.

Both Cely and Johnny walked back to their respective homes together. But that was then, and we ‘Love Island' fans know that most of the drama on the show stays there. So, are Celery and Johnny still together? Ok, let's find out.

Are Celery and Johnny Still Together?

Unfortunately, just a few months after season 2 filming wrapped, Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks called it quits. The couple's split was just as dramatic as their experience on the show. Cely announced their separation on January 9, 2021, on Twitter.

Johnny, in turn, rushed to Twitter to comment, saying that he and Mary “will forever appreciate” their time together.  Apparently, Cely stopped following Johnny on social media and removed all of their cute photos together, and Johnny did the same.

He posted a YouTube video in response, suggesting that he saw Cely's comments as a personal attack. Johnny says the two of them “mutually agreed” to end their relationship, but he believed he was being blamed.

In a YouTube video posted on February 17, 2021, Cely explained the real reason for their breakup: she had given him a gift of an all-expenses-paid vacation to Hawaii for the holidays.

She claimed that the trip was ruined by conflicts and disagreements between the two. Cely claims that Johnny stayed behind to continue enjoying the trip as she departed. She continued, “I'm doing my utmost not to be linked with that relationship anymore.

I'm over it, and I think everyone else should be, too. To add his perspective to the discussion, Johnny also posted a video to YouTube. Both ‘Love Island' contestants are currently unattached and free to concentrate on their own projects at this time.

Johnny has starred in series like “Link,” “The Challenge,” and “All-Star Shore,” but Cely is having the time of her life as a social media star and world traveler with her best friends. She just dropped her new track, and her exceptional dance skills and stunning vocals have already won over the internet.

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