Love at First Kiss Review: The Most Unconventional Way to Find True Love!

Love at First Kiss is a 2023 Netflix film directed by Alauda Ruiz de Azua, and we've got a review of it here that won't ruin anything.

Love is tricky, and it's not easy to meet the right person if you keep to yourself. But imagine you could foresee a future with the person you're crushing on. If you were in that relationship, how would you approach it?

Although knowing the final outcome of a situation can be unsettling, it is ultimately up to you to decide if you wish to take the time and effort to get there. When you know how the story ends, does it still seem like an adventure?

All things considered, that pretty well sums up life, and while we all have our fair share of fears, it's best not to waste time worrying about the unknown and instead focus on making the most of the present moment. Let's dive into the review of Love at First kiss in detail.

Love at First Kiss Story

In Love at First Kiss, we meet Javier, the owner of Mon FORTE Editions, a struggling publishing business. Moreover, following his first kiss at the age of 16, he found that he possessed a secret superpower.

When he kisses a person, he can envision how their relationship will develop in the future. This skill has helped him a lot as an adult, letting him flirt with women and then dump them without any serious problems.

Love at First Kiss Review

Because of this, he is labeled as a player who has trouble committing. As a result of his harsh management style, the company is in free fall. Dinner with Javi's best buddy Roberto and his girlfriend Luca is where the plot thickens.

A drunk friend forces Javi and Luca to kiss after Roberto leaves early from a party. The kiss just lasts a second, but in that time, Javi imagines a wonderful future with Lucia. It involves getting married and having a big family. He needs to figure out a way to win over the girl of his dreams without hurting their friendship.

Love at First Kiss Review in Detail

In the movie “Love at First Kiss,” Alvaro Cervantes plays the role of Javier. His story lacks depth because his only problems are with ladies and getting his works published. He does a good job with what he has, but the character's flatness and lack of history severely hamper his portrayal.

The two female leads, played by Silvia Alonso and Susana Abaitua, are a delight to see on screen. Alonso as Lucía is also underutilized. Throughout the movie, she dates two different best friends, and her sole purpose is to help the main character develop by the conclusion.

Contrarily, Abaitua's performance as Ariana is the highlight of the picture. Her quirky portrayal of the girl next door is a breath of fresh air, and her character isn't only there for laughs.


You can see how she arrived at this point in her life, where she is at once carefree and unsettled. The arrival of Gorka Otxoa as Roberto rounds out a strong supporting ensemble. More of his personality comes through in the brief screen time he has than Javier's.

Love at First Kiss begins with an intriguing notion and develops in a natural way. The supernatural is not the only driving force in the story, which instead emphasizes the human element.

Love at First Kiss Review

The narrative framework of the movie asks the subject whether or not love can exist without problems and doubts. Also, it discusses the benefits and drawbacks of having a crystal ball and ultimately concludes that ambiguity is preferable.

The plot of the movie is interesting, but the script is confusing and the ending is too obvious. Even before the first act is complete, it's clear that the story's supposed main characters are going to fall in love.

Love at First Kiss portrays relationships as shallow and the scenarios as confusing because of this. Roberto and Lucia go on a date, she moves in with Javi, and then she returns to Roberto.

The situation isn't completely impossible, but there isn't the emotional fallout and pain that would normally come with it. When Javi doesn't celebrate his birthday the way she does, she becomes frustrated and departs.

It's understandable to be skeptical of Javi's abilities, but this response does nothing but raises the question of whether or not expectations can ever match reality. The film means well by presenting the above-mentioned points, but its approach to and validation of those arguments isn't convincing or relevant.

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