Love at First Kiss Ending Explained: Do Javi and Lucía End Up Together?

This article delves into the plot of “Love at First Kiss” and provides an in-depth explanation of its ending. Follow the story of Javier and Lucia as they navigate their romantic involvement, alongside their friend Roberto, and learn what happens when Javi meets Ariana and when Roberto discovers the truth about Javi and Lucia. Find out if Javi and Lucia's relationship withstands the test of time in this captivating tale of love and friendship.

Love at First Kiss Plot Synopsis

Despite Javier's best efforts, his modest publishing house continued to lose money. He had high standards for literature and was unwilling to release works by writers he didn't like. His personal and professional lives both seemed gloomy. He had used his unique skill to avoid grief and even death throughout his whole life, but this had the unintended consequence of making him a dull individual who never had any genuine thrills.

Once, he took his friend Roberto, his girlfriend Lucia, and Lucia's friend Esther out on a double date. Lucia disliked Javier but found that his fear of commitment made him ideal for a one-night stand following her split. Esther's friend organized the double date in an effort to ease her pain after a failed relationship.

Roberto left after supper, but Lucia, Javier, and Esther went out. When Esther was too inebriated to think clearly, she asked Javier and Lucia to kiss, and they did so on the spot. When Javier kissed Lucia, he knew she was the one. His prediction was that they will fall deeply in love and eventually start a family.

Though she could not see into the future, Lucia too felt an immediate attraction to Javier from their first kiss. The fact that Javier was friends with Roberto made any romantic involvement between them look implausible. Lucia and Javier spoke the following morning about the previous evening's events when they met at Javier's publishing firm.

She was more than a bartender; Javier was impressed by her performance art. She decided to prepare crepes for him and returned her crepe maker from the home of her ex-boyfriend. That night, Javier did not eat crepes, but he did experience an adrenaline rush like no other.

Love at First Kiss Ending Explained in Detail…..

What Happens Next After Javi Kisses Ariana?

Javi meets Ariana as his romance with Lucia progresses. They meet on her roof after she's invited him over. She shares with him tales of her globe-trotting adventures.

During their first kiss, Javi casually mentions that he can see into the future, and Ariana challenges him to prove it. As they kiss, however, Javi is completely immersed in the experience.

Love at First Kiss Ending Explained

He doesn't understand it, but he figures he doesn't need any more visions now that he's found the lady of his dreams in Luca. Leaving Ariana's, he heads out to try to mend fences with Lucia.

What Happens to Roberto?

Roberto visits the publishing business one day, still grieving the end of his relationship. He tries to talk to Javi about his pain, and Javi recommends a trip. However, he realizes the gravity of the issue after seeing a photo of Javi and Luca kissing on Javi's computer.

Indignant at the treachery, he leaves, and Javi eventually admits that he kissed Lucia and imagined a wonderful future for the two of them. After accusing him of damaging his relationship, Roberto walks away.

Do Javi and Lucía End Up Together?

The pair finally makes their relationship official and begins to enjoy the wonderful life that Javi had imagined for them. That stings him in the end, unfortunately. To Lucia's dismay, it seems as though Javi is immune to her surprises and can always predict her next move.

After her birthday vacation to Marakesh fails to excite her boyfriend, Javi, Luca decides to spend some time away from him and on the road with her friend Esther. After she leaves, he plans to attend one of Santiago Doate's lectures in order to have her book signed by him.

He arrives there, and it comes as a big shock when he discovers that Roberto is among the guests. Once Roberto and Javi had a disagreement, Roberto stopped practicing podiatry and instead focused on international development.

He gives an explanation for why he made this choice and spots Javi in the crowd. After a heated argument, the two reconcile after Javi offers his apology. As Lucia returns, he sees that he has been living just for the sake of his authority and has never allowed the unknown future to steer his life.

Realizing he was at fault for the rift between his closest friend and girlfriend, he arranges a meeting between them. Roberto and Lucia reunite, and Javi concedes defeat softly. We observe him leave Luca's place after he and the latter have broken up.

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