Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4: Who Will Be the New Cast Member?

“Love & Marriage: Huntsville” follows a group of prominent African-Americans who are building a name for themselves in their community. A look at three successful Black marriages in Huntsville, Alabama: Martell and Melody Holt, Marceau and LaTisha Scott, and Maurice and Kimmi Scott of The Comeback Group.

In the up-and-coming Alabama metropolis, these long-time friends battle with the loss of love, strife, and prosperity.

“Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is unique, according to Carlos King, the show's creator, who spoke to in 2019, since it depicts the couples' attempts to restore Huntsville.

To paraphrase King to, “the beauty of this is to demonstrate there are extremely brilliant and altruistic people in the city of Huntsville” They're people who are building houses for the less fortunate, and they did this before the start of filming.

I believe it connected with the public who was intrigued about this program, especially because it is on the OWN network. I think all of those things had a role in the series' success.”


The Fourth Season of Love & Marriage: Huntsville Will Air on Own When?

love and marriage huntsville season 4

There's no word yet from OWN on if or when “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” will get a fourth season. There is a good chance that viewers may have to wait for a few months or perhaps a year before finding out what happens to their favorite television show. ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville,' according to a press release on The Futon Critic, was the top cable show of its time period.

“Love & Marriage: Huntsville” creator Carlos King aims to replicate the success of reality television series like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” with the show. “I would love that to be on for many, many years like ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,'” King told “My goal is to have as many episodes as they have since this cast is so relatable. We're grateful to have such a large and dedicated following… This is something I'd like to undertake in the future.”

For the time being, fans may catch up on the latest episodes of the program on OWN and fuboTV.

In the Upcoming Fourth Season, Who May Look Forward to Seeing?

However, it is safe to anticipate that the three couples who have dominated the series will return for the fourth season of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville”. Martell and Melody Holt, Marceau and LaTisha Scott, and Maurice and Kimm Scott are three of the couples behind the real estate firm The Comeback Group featured in “Love & Marriage: Huntsville,” as previously noted by Meaww.

As a result of discovering that Martell had been cheating on her with Arione Curry, Melody and Martell divorced in 2020.

They were both teachers before starting Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship LLC together. He has been married to LaTisha, a co-owner of Scholt Industries Inc., for 12 years, and is a general contractor and co-owner.

LaTisha has long been lauded for her ability to successfully balance being a mother while also running her own business, Infinity Properties. Marceau's brother, Maurice, is an attorney and the proprietor of Credit 1 USA. When he married Kimmi in the first season, Meaww says it was a nurse.

Melody Holt and Martell Divorced So Here are All You Need to Know About It.

love and marriage huntsville season 4

According to court paperwork acquired by Bossip, “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” pair Martell and Melody Holt filed for divorce in March, alleging “incompatibility of temperament.” In the course of their marriage, Melody suspected Martell of infidelity.

Curry revealed to Tasha K that she was pregnant with Martell's kid twice, according to Showbiz CheatSheet. Despite her initial decision to have an abortion, she has decided to retain the child now that Martell and she are no longer married.

Additionally, Martell has said that Melody was unfaithful and had abortions while they were married (and believes that these actions are tied to each other).

“You must have gone through this… twice. If I'm your spouse, why would you go through with it, and if it's mine, why would you abort?” According to Showbiz CheatSheet, Martell posed the question to Heavenly Kimes, star of “Married to Medicine,” in an interview.

When asked by Dr. Kimes if she had an affair during their marriage, Melody denied it but admitted to him in her interview that she had an abortion just one day before she filed for divorce.

Now that Martell and Melody are separated, their four children and their company assets have been split.

Love And Marriage Huntsville Season 4: Cast

love and marriage huntsville season 4

Season 4 picks off where the dramatic three-part reunion of Season 3 left off. Melody Holt and Martell Holt, Kimmi Scott, Marceau Scott, and LaTisha Scott are just a few of the cast members that haven't wavered.

After seeing how deeply entwined his longtime mistress was in their shared social circle during the reunion taping of the program, Melody finds it difficult to keep her distance from Martell, as she did in previous seasons. Due to Payton-Williams' closeness to Martell, her bond with Martell has also broken down.

Love And Marriage Huntsville Season 4: About

Martell, meantime, is struggling to get back on his feet after a financial setback. Co-parenting counselors learned that he was having financial troubles following his divorce from Melody last season during a joint session. For the first time, his mistress of almost seven years, whom he has had a relationship with for nearly as long, was formally recognized as the father of his fifth child in honor of the child's first birthday.

Marceau and LaTisha's company is booming because of Blaque Cigar Lounge's meteoric rise to prominence in Huntsville. Indeed, the pair plans to build a second site in an unspecified area in the future. Family members may be untrustworthy, LaTisha's cousin Melody teaches her as they get to know one other.

On their long-awaited honeymoon, Kimmi and Maurice are finally able to relax and unwind, but Kimmie begins to investigate the famed Atlanta boy's trip Martell's mistress was purportedly invited to.

In the teaser, Kimmie and LaTisha's connection as sisters-in-law isn't immediately clear. Although they try, the Whitlows are unable to fit in with the gang.