Lost in Space Season 3 Netflix Release: All You Need to Know!

Lost in Space, a sci-fi show on Netflix will end its third season this December. A trailer for the last season was just released, giving fans a sneak peek.

The three-minute clip shows all kinds of danger for the Robinson family, like a crashed spaceship and what looks like an army of terrifying aliens. Will can be heard saying, “Maybe the only way to stop this is to face the danger.”

An earlier official teaser trailer showed a shot of an empty spaceship and Will Robinson recording what sounds like a captain's log. “If you're watching this recording, it's possible that things didn't go as I had hoped.”

“The stakes are higher than ever, and the Robinson family's survival skills will be put to the ultimate test,” says the official plot summary. “

“After a year of being stuck on a mysterious planet, Judy (Taylor Russell), Penny (Mina Sundwall), Will (Maxwell Jenkins), and the Robot (Brian Steele in a robot suit) must lead the 97 young Colonists in a dangerous evacuation. But not before secrets are revealed that will change their lives forever.”

Lost in Space Season 3 Netflix Release

Lost in Space is based on the popular 1960s show of the same name. It tells the story of the Robinson family as they go on a mission that goes wrong and leaves them stranded in the middle of the galaxy.

Season two ends with a shocking cliffhanger. What happens next is a fight for survival as they face robots, fuel shortages, and other things that could kill them. Read on to find out what we know about Lost in Space's third season.

Lost in Space Season 3 Plot

At the end of season two of Lost in Space, the Robinson family split up after a group of robots attacked them. Judy Robinson is left in charge of the second spaceship, Jupiter 2, to get the kids to Alpha Centauri safely while her parents fight the robots with the help of their security bot, Scarecrow.

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Maureen and John's story seems to be coming to an end in season three. The season will follow the couple as they try to find their children and get back together with them, despite “overwhelming odds.”

Lost in Space Season 3 Netflix Release

In the following season, we hope to discover who sent the human-made signal that led Judy and Jupiter 2 to the Fortuna, a spaceship run by Grant Kelly, Judy's birth father.

At the end of season two, viewers were also led to believe that the bad guy Dr. Smith, who is a petty criminal named June Harris who posed as her sister to get a job on the Resolute, died while sacrificing herself to fight the robots.

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But since her scarf was found on Jupiter 2, it looks like she did, in fact, make it. “The stakes are higher than ever, and the Robinson family's survival instincts will be put to the ultimate test,” says the official summary for the season.

“Also, John and Maureen, with Don by their side, are up against a lot of trouble as they try to find their kids. As they face the biggest alien threat yet, the Robinsons will have to deal with the emotional challenge of being lost and split up from the people they care about.”

Lost in Space Season 3 Cast

The whole Robinson family will be back. Maureen will be played by Molly Parker, best known for her roles in Deadwood and House of Cards, and John will be played by Toby Stephens, who is best known as the bad guy in Die Another Day, which came out in 2002.

Maxwell Jenkins (Sense8), Taylor Russell (Waves; Escape Room), and Mina Sundwall (Freeheld; Maggie's Plan), who all return in season three, play the three children.

Lost in Space Season 3 Netflix Release

Parker Posey, who played the evil June Harris in seasons one and two and was in “You've Got Mail,” will also be back, even though it seemed like her character had died in the last season.

Ignacio Serricchio is back as Don West, and Brian Steele is back as the Robot. Russell Hornsby, who was in “The Hate U Give,” joins the cast as a new character.

Lost in Space Season 3 Release Date

According to digitalspy, the third season of Lost in Space came out on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. The show was picked up for a third season in March 2020, and Netflix confirmed that the next season would be the last time we see the Robinson family.

Trailer for Lost in Space's Third Season

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Lost in Space Have the Fourth Season?

Netflix Channel has announced the date when the fourth season of Lost in Space will start. On November 29, 2023, the next part will be out.

Where Was Lost in Space Filmed?

Lost in Space was filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in the great outdoors.

How Popular is Netflix Lost in Space?

Nielsen says that out of the 28 episodes of Lost in Space that were put on Netflix, the Season 3 finale was the most watched. Overall, the number of viewers didn't change much from week to week, going from 1.2 billion to 1 billion. On December 1, the third season of the show was added to Netflix.