Lookism Season 1 Review – Korean Anime Starts Tough Conversations!

Lookism Season 1 Review: The Korean adaptation of an anime series, “Lookism,” has recently been released on Netflix to a growing audience. The eight episodes, which run about 25 minutes apiece, have recently been added to Netflix in dubbed versions in Hindi, Korean, English, and a few other languages. The 8-episode drama features the voices of Shim Kyu-hyuck, Han Shin, Ryu Seung-gone, Jeong Jae-heon, and others, and was created by Lee Dae-woo and is funded by Studio Mir.

Lookism Season 1 Story

Lookism investigates our culture's twofold standards of beauty, as its name implies. Many people are “bottom of the life chain” because they regard inner beauty as less than superficial appeal. Park Hyeong-Seok has to deal with school bullies who think they're better & use their good looks to justify their bad behavior.

Lookism Season 1 Review

He hopes to start again with his peers after finding his new school. He realizes that people can't adjust to new situations & repeats the same mistakes before a spectacular sequence of circumstances shows his two sides. The webtoon's devoted readers raised hopes for the cartoon. I've just read the webtoon's first few chapters, but the Korean version seems to follow the storyline. It adapts well.

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The season is a slice-of-life animated series that focuses on bullying since it only covers the first few chapters of the webtoon. The only thing I'd modify is the animation's focus on survivors' emotional health rather than physical health. That originality may have helped the adaptation succeed. Up to chapter 26, the plot follows Taejun Pak's webtoon. K-pop singer Ateez's opening theme song, “Like That,” is a highlight.

Lookism Season 1 Review

Even though the animated adaption is based on the webcomic, I couldn't get the feeling that something was missing. It's a given that webtoon readers would tune in to their favorite shows, but the real question is whether or not viewers who are unfamiliar with Taejun Pak's story will be interested in following the show week after week.

Lookism Season 1 Review

Like Basco and his gang, Jin-seong with his eventual character development, Jae-yeol with his soft spot for Hyeong-seok, and Ji-ho, Deok-hwa, and Hyeong-friendship seok's arc, among others, the plot comes up with intriguing characters and elements that are easy to fall in love with, and it leaves space open for more characters to walk in eventually if the series is picked up for a second season. Surprisingly, given that his predicament serves as the story's impetus, only a brief summary of the difficulties he encountered is provided.

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Even if everything looks great in the webtoon format, its translation to the screen can come off as prosaic. The short episode lengths in Lookism make it an easy-breezy watch, but we still need some original inspiration to blow up the tale premise. Overall, it's a solid adaptation, but as a standalone work, it lacks pace and intrigue despite its poignant direction; perhaps including a few more episodes could have helped address this, but at this point, we'll never know.


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