Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Release Date: How Many Episodes in Season 2 Have?

Long Slow Exhale was initially conceived by Pam Veasey on February 8, 2012, for both Spectrum Originals and BET.

Alongside Anton Cropper and Jon Dove, Veasey will serve in the role of executive producer for the series at Paramount Television Studios. Cropper will also serve in the capacity of show director.

Bruna Papandrea and Casey Haver are the show's executive producers for the Netflix original series Made Up Stories. The premiere of the first episode took place on April 4th, 2022.

Fans and reviewers alike have heaped praise on the program, praising it for both the compelling narrative it presents and the strong performances delivered by its skilled ensemble.

As a direct consequence of this, everyone is eagerly anticipating the broadcast of the second episode of the show. The fate of “Long Slow Exhale's” second season is uncertain as of this moment.


Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Plot

long slow exhale season 2

This year's championship game for girls' high school basketball was won by the Clayton Hall Cougars, who were coached by J.C. Abernathy. The star shooter on the squad, Shannon, has leveled sexual misconduct allegations against Eddie, the assistant coach on the team.

In spite of the fact that Eddie and J.C. have already begun dating, she will still need to choose a side in this conflict. The director of athletics for the faculty, Hillman Ford, is adamant in his unwillingness to allow Shannon to assist him in any way.

J.C. decides not to promote Eddie as a result of Hillman's attempt to convince J.C. that she is in danger of losing her job. As more and more women come forward to report instances of sexual assault, her relationship with the management of the institution is becoming increasingly strained. In the meanwhile, this is causing tension in her personal life.

J.C. is currently undertaking a fresh inquiry into the matter at hand as well as Hillman's troubled history. They are preparing for the next tournaments while also addressing personal and family matters that have arisen.

After all, is said and done, it would appear that J.C. and her husband Garrett are going to figure out who killed Hillman as we get closer to the end of this season.

The second season will almost definitely start right after the exciting climax of the first season, and it will illustrate how J.C. and Garrett manage their position. In addition, further details regarding Hillman's life and passing will be disclosed, such as the part played by the teachers at the alternative high school where he was employed at the time of his passing.

Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Cast

long slow exhale season 2

Since the cast of Long Slow Exhale Season 2 has not yet been revealed, it is reasonable to presume that the series' primary actors will not change in any significant way until further details are disclosed. Just to name a few examples

  • Rose Rollins as J.C. Abernathy, the head coach
  • Lyriq Bent as Garrett, J.C.’s husband
  • Ian Harding as Eddie Hagan
  • Shalini Bathina is Emily Fisk
  •  Isabella LaBlanc as Elfrina
  • Jazmine Stewart as Verdelle
  • Samantha Bartow as Shannon
  • Brittney Elena as Corrine Porter
  • Gabrielle Byndloss as Vivian
  • Tony Gonzalez as Davon
  • Enya Flack as Jillian

Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Release Date

long slow exhale season 2

On April 4, 2022, the first episode of the show's first season was shown on Spectrum Originals and BET as part of its premiere. There were a total of twelve episodes created for the series, the final of which was shown on April 25, 2022.

In order to give you an idea of how things currently stand, we will share with you the information that we do now possess. The producers of the show and the network have not commented on whether or not the show will be renewed. No matter how well received the program was during its initial run, there is a strong possibility that it will return at least once more in the future.

There were a lot of issues that were not answered by the show's dramatic conclusion at the end of the first season, and it is almost assured that these questions will be resolved in the next second season. ‘

Recent news revealed that “Elite,” “The A-List,” and “13 Reasons Why” have all been given the green light for the second season of production. There is a good chance that “Long Slow Exhale” will be renewed for a second season.

To put it another way, by the end of the summer of 2022, a prospective renewal for a second season will almost probably have been given the green light. The producer of a program and the cast members' schedules are responsible for determining the airing schedule for that show.

According to reports from within the network, the launch of the second season of Long Slow Exhale is scheduled to take place on September 10th, 2022.

Long Slow Exhale Season 2 Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Watch Long Slow Exhale?

Streaming on Roku. Currently available to view on Netflix is the drama series Long Slow Exhale, which stars Rose Rollins, Josh Lucas, and Lyriq Bent amongst others. You may watch it on your Roku device streaming on Spectrum TV.

Where Is Long Slow Exhale Filming?

The filming site for Spectrum's show ‘Long Slow Exhale' is the ancient metropolis of Atlanta, which is filled to the brim with glittering skyscrapers. The city has a thriving basketball culture thanks to its very own National Basketball Association club, the Atlanta Hawks.

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