Locke and Key Season 4 Release Date Netflix: Will There Be Another Season?

Season 3 of Locke and Key came out today on Netflix, and some fans are already asking when Season 4 will be out. Will there be a fourth season of the show on Netflix?

Do this possible Locke and Key Season 4 have a date for when it will come out? When might it come out, and who could be in it? Fans of Locke and Key will be asking themselves all of these questions right now.

Before we get into that, the Google algorithm requires us to use specific keywords frequently, so please bear with me while I get all that out. Here's a summary of what happens in Locke and Key's TV show.

Locke and Key Season 4: Is It Happening?

So, filming for Locke and Key Season 3 is over, which is pretty crazy. They pretty much shot seasons 2 and 3 at the same time. But what do we know about Season 4 of Locke and Key?

Locke and Key Season 4 Release Date Netflix

So, even though We Got This Covered said in an article that Locke and Key Season 4 was in the works, Netflix has decided to end the show after Season 3. We Got This Covered said that Netflix plans to make a total of four seasons of the show.

WGTC's track record with scoops like this isn't perfect, and they were very wrong this time. The show's creators and writers probably wanted to make a fourth season, but it became clear after Season 3 was approved that it would be the last.

Sad, because many other people and I liked the show. But I can see why they decided to end the show, and three seasons isn't bad for a Netflix show. With Season 3, they could also give the show a pretty good ending.

When Could Lock and Key Season 4 Be Released?

Since this is the case, there is no date for Locke and Key Season 4 because it will not happen. I could end the article here and be done with it. But I want it to be known that I think Netflix should have given the show one more season.

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This is primarily because of how Season 3 of Locke and Key ended. It ended on a cliffhanger, with a final key hinting at (spoilers).

Locke and Key Season 4 Release Date Netflix

They could have made a fourth season of the show pretty quickly. If they had given it the go-ahead, we could have seen it on the streaming service in 2023 or early 2024.

Who Could Star in Season 4?

If they had given the show the green light for a fourth season, most of the main cast could have come back at the right time to end the show (with a fourth season, I mean).

I'm talking about a made-up season of a show that has already been canceled, which is a bit strange. But let's talk about who could have been in Season 4 of Locke and Key.

That is a tricky thing to guess. I think all of the Locke children would have returned for Season 4. I think their mother would have also returned for a fourth season.

Locke and Key Season 4 Release Date Netflix

So, Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, and Jackson Robert Scott could have all been on the Netflix show's fourth season.

We'll let you know about Locke And Key Season 4 as soon as anything changes or is announced. They could bring it back if many people want it and if someone starts a petition on Change.org to “renew Locke and Key.”

Locke and Key Season 3 Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Find Locke and Key to Watch?

Like many other great shows, Locke & Key is an original Netflix show. This means that Netflix is the only place where you can watch the show. The show's third season is set to come out on August 10, 2022.

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Are Locke and Key a True Story?

Locke and Key, a show made by Netflix, is based on a series of comic books. The comics came out between 2008 and 2013, were written by Joe Hill, and were drawn by Gabriel Rodriguez. The characters and storylines are the same as in the comics, but some details have been changed for the TV show.

Why is Locke and Key for Adults Only?

Parents should know that Locke & Key is based on a series of horror-themed comic books with the same name. There are violent parts in every episode.