Locke and Key Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Many More!

If you have navigated your way to this sliver of the internet, it is safe to assume that you, just like us, have devoured all 10 episodes of Locke & Key season two in record time and are now eager to see what the future holds for the supernatural thriller streaming on Netflix.

You don't have to worry about a thing because, well, we're just so wonderful like that.

Locke and Key Season 3 Cast

It is very certain that the Locke family will return for a new season of exciting experiences to be a part of the show. After all, the answer is right there in the title, isn't it?

That indicates that Connor Jessup (who plays Tyler), Emilia Jones (who plays Kinsey), Jackson Robert Scott (who plays Bode), Darby Stanchfield (who plays Nina), and Aaron Ashmore are going to make an appearance soon (Duncan).

As a result of Darby's comments on the completion of filming for the third season, it appears that she will also be making a return.

Petrice Jones, who plays Scot, Brendan Hines, who plays Josh, and, of course, Kevin Durand, who reprises his role as Frederick Gideon, round out the cast.


Locke and Key Season 3 Plot

locke and key season 3

“We have some wonderful adventures in store for the Locke family in season three, and we could not be more eager to continue telling our story with our great partners at Netflix,” added Cuse. “We couldn't be more excited to continue telling our story with our incredible colleagues at Netflix.”

During the second season, Dodge was ultimately vanquished, but Frederick Gideon is just getting started with his plans. When Eden called him, it appeared, for a split second, that she was going to be the one in charge of everything. Tyler), Emilia Jones (Kinsey), Jackson Robert Scott (Bode), Darby Stanchfield (Nina), and Aaron Ashmore in “Pray for the Lockes.” #prayforthelockes.ys (Duncan).

As a result of Darby's comments on the completion of filming for the third season, it appears that she will also be making a return.

Petrice Jones, who plays Scot, Brendan Hines, who plays Josh, and, of course, Kevin Durand, who reprises his role as Frederick Gideon, round out the cast.

Cuse and Averill have said that the third season would concentrate “far more heavily on the family,” and that the characters will also be confronted with “the worst challenge they've had to face yet.”

“That certainly strengthens their attachment with one another in a manner that we haven't seen previously. I am at a loss for words beyond that, “Averill provided an explanation to Collider.

“Every season, we have to strive to achieve more success than the one that came before it, which is a task that we are more than willing to accept. I believe that we have been successful in meeting this challenge despite the fact that it is also an enjoyable one.”

One thing, though, that won't be occurring any time soon is the rumoured crossover between Sandman and another franchise. Joe Hill has disclosed that despite The Sandman's acquisition by Netflix, Locke and Key will not be joining the streaming service.

In October 2021, he commented on Twitter, “I've noticed a few headlines lately teasing the potential of a Locke & Key/Sandman crossover on Netflix and thought I'd step in for a clickbait check.” He was referring to the prospect of a crossover between the two shows.

“Nope. I'm sure I speak for the majority of die-hard Sandman fans when I say that I can't wait for a large-scale, accurate adaptation of Neil's story. I can hardly wait.”

Release Date

locke and key season 3

According to Brian Wright, vice president of overall agreements for Netflix, “[Showrunners] Carlton [Cuse] and Meredith [Averill] have constructed a wonderful universe in Locke and Key, and we're pleased to have the Lockes return for more in the third season.”

Therefore, it can now be confirmed that the show will return for a third season. Now, all that is left to do is watch the clock and see when the episodes are made available on Netflix. A greater and sweeter piece of news regarding the future of Locke and Key beyond the third season was revealed in an Instagram post.

The tweet, which tantalisingly provided ‘first look' pictures from the new series, also indicated that season three is expected to be the final instalment of the show, with a statement that read:

“YOUR FIRST LOOK at Locke & Key's third and final season, coming later this year” Booo! Take note, as well, that there is still no set release date. That's even worse!
Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill, who are the co-showrunners and executive producers of the show, issued a comment about it via an Instagram post, which read as follows:

“Once we got started on the series, we came to the decision that three seasons would be the perfect amount of time to bring the tale of the Locke family and their Keyhouse adventures to a satisfactory end.”

locke and key season 3

They also said: “We are glad that we were given the opportunity to convey the remarkable tale of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez in exactly the way that we wanted to when we were able to do so thanks to this opportunity. Nevertheless, we are going to preserve the mystical keys for our own use in the future.”

Despite the fact that we are devastated, the fact that we were given a preview of the future season was a sweetener to this bitter news.

The photographs hinted that there was going to be a lot of problems in the near future, with the first shot showing the Locke family in a defensive position, as if they were getting ready for a battle.

It is impossible for axes and mallets, like those illustrated in the accompanying photo, to be a symbol of peace rather than conflict.

On the other hand, despite the impending threat, there may be be some hope for a happy ending because one of the photos strikingly resembles the decorations for a wedding. The charming sight with the sparklers gives the impression that merriment is just around the corner despite the dangerous occurrences that are seen on the horizon.

As for when it will be released, the first season debuted in February of 2020, and the most recent chapter is expected to appear in October of 2021. Keeping this in mind, we are led to believe that it indicates a debut date in the latter half of 2022 is on the horizon.

However, the Locke and Key team have really been rather deceptive, and it is possible that they are actually a bit further ahead in the game than the majority of people would initially believe.

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