Live Nation Joins Forces With Omaha Performing Arts as Steelhouse Omaha’s Exclusive Promoter.

New Steelhouse Omaha Venue-Live Nation has been chosen by Omaha Performing Arts (O-pa) as the sole promoter for the new Steelhouse Omaha arena, which is set to open in 2023. The arena, which will be built as part of the organization's performing arts and entertainment complex, will have a capacity of 1,500 to 3,000 people depending on how it is configured.

Joan Squires, President of O-pa, remarked, “We are happy to be entering into this relationship with Live Nation to bring their world-class experience to our new facility.” “Our partnership will also allow us to take advantage of the performing artists and entertainers with whom they collaborate and deliver them to Omaha fans.”

“We know there's a developing live music market in Nebraska, and Steelhouse Omaha will be a fantastic new venue for artists to perform,” said Jason Wright, President of Live Nation Midwest. “We see a lot of potential in bringing future events to Omaha, and we value our cooperation with Omaha Performing Arts.”

New Steelhouse Omaha Venue (1)
New Steelhouse Omaha Venue (1)

The management and staffing of Steelhouse Omaha will be handled by Omaha Performing Arts. “There will be chances for community organisations to use Steelhouse Omaha in addition to the live events and performances that Live Nation will promote in the new structure,” Squires stated.

Steelhouse Omaha will be added to the O-pa venue portfolio, which also includes the Orpheum Theater and Holland Performing Arts Center. It will cost $104.1 million to construct, with the City of Omaha contributing $1.1 million in public funds. The building's steel framework was recently “topped” with the insertion of the last, topmost girder, and construction is still ongoing. The Holland Performing Arts Center is close to the Steelhouse construction site. Live Nation Joins Forces With Omaha Performing Arts as Steelhouse Omaha's Exclusive Promoter.


It's unclear whether or if the promotional arrangement will include Steelhouse Omaha tickets. Ticket Omaha now handles ticketing for both the Orpheum Theatre and the Holland Performing Arts Center.