Live-A-Live Coming To Switch With A HD-2D Makeover!

On July 22, 2022, Nintendo will release an HD-2D version of Live A Live for the Nintendo Switch, a remake of the original.

Square Enix has brought this Super Famicom classic back to life using the same visual style as Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy.

It has more in common with Octopath than just its art style. There are seven different stories in the game, each with a unique cast of characters and gameplay styles.

A bit ambitious, but the gameplay styles make the game feel like seven separate RPGs at once.


As for locations, they range from prehistoric to the wild west and from the dark ages to the modern-day and even into outer space. On the Live A Live release date, you'll realize just how ambitious it is.

Takashi Tokita, who went on to direct Chrono Trigger, was also the director of this game, so it has an impressive pedigree.

Even while it doesn't look as good as Live A Live, the latest remaster of the '90s RPG Chrono Cross should please fans of the genre.

Live-A-Live Release Date

Live A Live will be released in the United States for the first time on July 22, 2022, and will be rebuilt with stunning HD-2D images.



Fans of either Octopath Traveler or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure will enjoy the storyline of this game, as will those who are new to the series. The game, like Octopath Traveler, contains a number of scenarios that can be completed in any order by the players in any order.

There are seven different situations, each with its own historical era and cast of characters to choose from.


While the gameplay remains the same across the various scenarios, the game's emphasis is placed on different factors depending on which scenario is being played at any one time.

The eighth scenario, set in Medieval times, is unlocked after finishing all of the other situations. This eighth scenario then leads to a concluding scenario that connects all of the previous scenarios together.

Final Words

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