Here is the List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022 to Watch Right Now

List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022: An increasing number of LGBTQ-themed films have been released during Pride Month in the past decade. In 2022, there were many notable releases, including the third and final season of Love, Victor, the critically acclaimed films Fire Island and Trevor: The Musical, the return of series like P-Valley and The Umbrella Academy, and the premieres of new series like First Kill, The Lake and Loot, and a revival of Queer as Folk.

However, neither Pride nor the visibility of the LGBTQ community is limited to a single month, especially since more and more inclusive narratives are shown on television all year round. In the next six months, we can expect to see the premiere of Bros, co-written and starring Billy Eichner, as well as the adaptation of A League of Their Own for television and the return of What We Do in the Shadows.

You'll find the most talked-about new and recurring initiatives here, all aimed at increasing LGBTQ visibility in the year 2022 and beyond.

10. Am I OK?

Am I OK?, the first feature film by Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne, premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Two lifelong best friends (played by Dakota Johnson and Sonoya Mizuno) find their friendship tested when one of them comes out as gay, prompting the other to question who she is in a rapidly shifting society.

 List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022

Upon its release, Am I OK? was met with positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film has been praised for its sympathetic storyline that will resonate with many young adults. Am I OK? was acquired by Warner Bros. for distribution at the end of Sundance, suggesting that it will debut on HBO Max sometime in 2022.

9. The Inspection

The future holds few promises for a black man. He joins the Marines to show himself after his mother discards him and he has few options for a profession. The young soldier will learn quickly that life as a Marine recruitee is not without its challenges, as he experiences both the physical and mental hardships of training.

 List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022

This military drama starring Jeremy Pope, Ral Castillo, McCaul Lombardi, Aaron Dominguez, Nicholas Logan, Eman Esfandi, Andrew Kai, Aubrey Joseph, Bokeem Woodbine, and Gabrielle Union debuted at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival and was written and directed by Elegance Bratton (Pier Kids).

8. Brokeback Mountain

Originally a short tale by Annie Proulx, the film Brokeback Mountain is a neo-Western romance drama. The film features an ensemble cast that includes some actors who have won major acting awards. The story revolves around the romance between Ledger and Gyllenhaal, two cowboys.

 List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022

However, things get more complicated when the brothers marry their respective women (Williams and Hathaway). The picture was a big hit at the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs, and the Oscars. Our comprehensive list of the most prestigious film awards is filled with additional treasures like this.

7. Swan Song

Swan Song is number seven on our opening movie list. Pat Pitsenbarger, a once-famous barber and the unquestioned center of the LGBT community in a sleepy Ohio suburb, is now confined to a retirement facility.

 List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022

When his former best customer passes away and her dying request is to have him give her hair the proper posthumous glamour, he embarks on a joyous journey, encountering old rivals, meeting new people, and wearing amazing clothing.

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With Linda Evans (Dynasty's Krystle), Jennifer Coolidge, and Michael Urie in great supporting roles, and Udo Kier in what may be his best role ever. This heartfelt tale is a treasure trove of sorrow, optimism, and solace. Simply put, a stunning way to kick off the 25th Pink Film Days.

6. Fire Island

There have been many outstanding works inspired by Pride and Prejudice in the years since it was published, but Andrew Ahn's Fire Island has the potential to become a modern LGBT classic in its own right.

 List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022

Matt Rogers, Margaret Cho, Conrad Ricamora, and James Scully will join Saturday Night Live alums Bowen Yang and Joel Kim Booster (who also created the film) in the starring roles. Hulu will debut the movie this year.

5. Bros

When it was first stated that the cast of Bros would be comprised entirely of people who identify as LGBTQ, the news created waves; when it was revealed that they would be playing straight characters, the news cycle continued to revolve around the film.

 List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022

Billy Eichner, his on-screen romantic interest Luke Macfarlane, Bowen Yang, Ts Madison, and Guillermo Diaz will star in and help pen the comedy. On September 30th, the movie will finally be out in theatres.

4. My Fake Boyfriend

Jake, concerned that Andrew will go back to his cheating ex-girlfriend, invents a social media influencer to pose as Andrew's boyfriend. However, when Andrew is presented with a genuine romantic opportunity, he finds that it is more challenging than he had anticipated to finally break free from his pretend partner.

 List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022

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Keiynan Lonsdale and Samer Salem, two true LGBTQ performers, play the romantic leads in this charming comedy. Try to conceive of that! Featuring Keiynan Lonsdale, Dylan Sprouse, Sarah Hyland, and Samer Salem in lead roles.

3. High School

High School, created by writer/director Clea DuVall and musical siblings Tegan and Sara Quin, will debut on Amazon's Freevee later this year. The sitcom will feature Cobie Smulders and Kyle Bornheimer and is based on the same-named memoir by the Quin sisters.

 List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022

DuVall argues that “High School” is more than just a story about growing up; it's also a story about finding one's voice as an artist. It's unusual to find such rich and sophisticated stories about young women, so I'm hoping that our program may help change that.

2. The Invisible Thread

“The story of Leone, a young man who was raised by both of his biological fathers. In the movie, Leone will have to deal with the biases that are generated by his family while also coping with the fact that his fathers are divorced.”

 List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022

1. Three Months

Florida teen Caleb (Troye Sivan) gets an HIV-positive text message from a one-night affair. Now that the time has come, Caleb must get tested, but because the symptoms of HIV can take up to three months to manifest, he spends the summer before college worrying.

 List Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of 2022

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During those three months, Caleb (Viveik Kalra) falls in love with another boy (Brianne Tju), who is also waiting for his test results, while his closest friend and coworker Dara (Brianne Tju) is hooking up with their boss (Judy Greer).