Light the Night Season 4 Release Date: Will There Be Season 4 Light the Night?

The Taiwanese television drama “Light the Night” is about two ladies who own and operate a nightclub in Taipei with a Japanese motif that caters to rich businessmen.

The episode is set in the 1980s and demonstrates just how close Rose and Sue are to one another as a result of their friendship. A number of rifts exist between the two persons as a result of their interwoven pasts and love lives.

Despite the fact that the show, which is also known as “Blue Hour,” appears soapy and slow-paced when compared to other series in the same genre, the intriguing murder mystery more than makes up for it.

In addition to receiving mainly positive reviews from reviewers, it has a large and loyal fan following that continues to develop. The criminal drama has been on the air since its premiere on November 26, 2021, and it now has three seasons.

Let us share all of the material we've gathered with you if you're interested in learning more about a possible fourth season.


Light the Night Recap

light the night season 4

Sue's death is the topic of the second chapter of the suspense thriller, which follows the inquiry into her death to its logical conclusion. The origins of Rose and Sue's connection are investigated, as is a terrible occurrence that occurs between the latter and Rose's father, which is also investigated.

Throughout the course of the season, Rose comes to realize that she is in a perilous situation because every piece of evidence points to her as the presumed perpetrator of Sue's murder. Towards the end of season 2, Yaya confesses her guilt to Rose for accusing her of Sue's murder, and the team of Light celebrates their success as a consequence of their efforts.

Chiang Han discovers a lady who looked apprehensive about the possible death of another woman in an audiotape that was discovered in the last minutes of the season by Chiang Han. Later on, when he is getting ready to visit Rose, he is struck by a vehicle and seriously injured.

It is expected that the program will cover a lot of key issues when it returns for a third season. In order to proceed, we must first ascertain whether or whether Chiang Han is still alive. Furthermore, it is unknown what the recording was about or who was at the wheel of the automobile that struck Chiang Han and killed him, and the investigation continues.

Wen-cheng has been keeping a close check on Chiang Han, who has already been recognized as a suspect in Sue's murder, in addition to Chiang Han himself. In the aftermath of the disaster, it is possible that it will have a substantial influence on the course of events.

Light the Night Season 4 Expected Release Date

On March 18, 2022, the whole third season of “Light the Night” was made available on Netflix in its entirety. The third season consists of eight episodes, each of which lasts between 46 and 55 minutes in length. That's all we know about the upcoming fourth round of the reality program.

According to Netflix, there has been no formal announcement on whether or not the program would be renewed or canceled. We all know that Netflix often gives a program at least a few months to get acclimated to the format before determining what to do with the following one. This is no exception.

The ratings for prior episodes of “Light the Night” demonstrate that a large number of people are fans of and appreciate the program.

This is what Ruby Lin (Rose) started in February 2022, according to her diary. She stated that the program may return for a fourth season if the writers could come up with a compelling narrative, perhaps even better than the previous three seasons. Ideally, if the team decides to develop a fourth season, it would be released at the same time as a movie spinoff, to maximize exposure.

It appears as though the mystery program will be revived, which is great news for aficionados of the genre. Netflix may announce that the program will be renewed in the next several months, if not sooner. If that occurs, we may anticipate the release of the fourth season of “Light the Night” somewhere in the second quarter of 2023.


light the night season 4

Ruby Lin is the main character in the film. Rose, the manager of the nightclub Hikari, is played by her. If the program gets renewed for a fourth season, she is very certain to reprise her role on the show. Cheryl Yang may reprise her role as Sue in flashback scenes in the future. Sue is the owner of Hikari, and she and Rose are close friends.

It is reasonable to anticipate seeing Yo Yang (Pan Wen-cheng), who is so vital in the drama, make his way into Round Four, too. If “Light the Night” is renewed for a fourth season, it's possible that another cast member may return, but that isn't a given.

This group includes Derek Chang (He Yu-en), Esther Liu (Li Shu-Hua AKA Hana), Puff Kuo (Wang Ai-lien AKA Aiko), Cherry Hsieh (Chi Man-ju AKA Ah-chi), Nikki Hsin-Ying Hsieh (Ah-chi). Derek Chang (He Yu-en), Esther Liu (Li Shu-hua AKA Hana), Puff Kuo (Wang Ai- (Huang Pai-he AKA Yuri). As a result, we may anticipate seeing some fresh faces in the fourth edition, which could include new characters.


light the night season 4

The investigation into Sue's death continues in Season 3 of “Light the Night,” which follows the investigators who are in charge of it as they dig further into the case and try to figure out who was responsible for her death.

During this time of year, many secrets are revealed. We get to watch how each individual reacts to the facts in their own unique way. Because it is a murder mystery, the elements of confessions and inquiry are constantly present in the plot.

There are also instances in which some characters travel back in time. In the season finale, there are a lot of people who are trying to safeguard their loved ones. The truth is ultimately revealed, and practically everyone does their best to deal with it.

If a fourth season is produced, it is possible that the show may take a different route. It's possible that the third season finale was the catalyst for this.

Ruby Lin also stated that the writing team was interested in developing a stronger plot for the probable fourth season, which would premiere in February 2022.

In this particular instance, they do not wish to just replicate the death of another individual in order to keep the tale moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be Season 4 Light the Night?

A fourth season of Light The Night, or perhaps a film adaptation of the series, according to Tu, is still in the planning stages.

Is There a Season 4 to in the Dark?

Season four of In The Dark is set to premiere in June 2022 on The CW; it is also expected to air later the same year on Netflix in the United States, although not until much later in the year. It will not, however, be available on Netflix in other countries, as we'll explain below. Season 4 of The CW's In the Dark will premiere on Netflix on the dates listed below.

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