Let’s Know About Yashahime Season 2

The anime series Yashahime is based on the same-named manga series. This is the sequel to the hugely popular Inuyasha series, which was based on Rumiko Takahashi's manga series. The storey of Towa and Setsuna Higurashi is told. They are Rin and Sesshomaru's twin children, while Moroha is Kagome and Inuyasha Higurashi's adolescent daughter. The first episode of this series aired in October 2020, and it lasted until March 2021. Season 2 of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon will premiere in October 2021.

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What is There in the Episodes of Yashahime Season 2

Episode 1

Towa begins to infuse the heavenly healing sword with her limited levels of demonic energy in try to resurrect Setsuna after Tenseiga is shattered by a vengeful Zero. Ttsai and Jaken arrive on the scene, and Ttsai claims that repairing Tenseiga will take three days. Unfortunately, Setsuna's crucial essence will have already been dispatched to the Underworld by that time, making the restored Tenseiga ineffective and forcing them to rely on Towa's demonic strength and will.

Ttsai grabs the hilt of Setsuna's shattered naginata and begins to fix it to make the blood bade she received through being one of Sesshmaru's half-demon daughters, the Yukari no Takichri, while Towa fights to use Tenseiga's heavenly talents to rescue her twin's spiritual essence.

Episode 2

Moroha asks Jybei about how to uncover the ancient demon-tree Bokusen by locating a demon who knows about a demon with such intelligence and magical demonic talents while Setsuna is on a quest to acquire a mystical Kyykon Root. Moroha joins up with Setsuna to get it, but they wind up running into the snake-demon spirit dressed as a human nun, who wants Setsuna's waist-length hair to satiate her rage and anger at never being able to return her real form.

When Towa learns where her twin sister and paternal half-first cousin are, she rushes into combat with the help of Hisui and his fellow demon-slayers, wearing mirrored spectacles to avoid turning into a stone statue.

Episode 2 

Jaken and Sesshmaru wait outside Mount Musubi, which houses tremendous amounts of demonic and psychic energy. Jaken informs his lord and master that this is the location where Rion, a cat-eared young demon girl, has been imprisoned for six millennia. The Half-Demon Princesses are separated, but Moroha, who possesses spiritual powers, is able to get past the extraordinarily strong demonic/spiritual energy shield.

Rion ultimately wakes up and informs Moroha that she can locate Towa and Setsuna if she is ready to give up her most prized possessions. With her sacred arrow, the quarter dog-demon girl traverses the barrier between the mortal world and the Afterlife, where she is bewildered by the huge skeleton body, ignorant that it is her paternal grandpa. Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi are seen to have accepted their fourteen-year sentence to the demon graveyard.

yashahime season 2

Episode 3

Rion, the sole child of Beast King Kirinmaru of the Dawn, who had died six centuries before but had her spiritual essence continuously tied to the earthly realm by Kirinmaru's passionate fatherly love, befriends the Half-Demon Princesses. Rion is able to sustain her mind and spirit within an artificial body and presents Towa with the universally ancient Star-Slicer Flute, which transforms into the supremely powerful star sword the Zanseiken, thanks to her own strength and resolve to stop her father's ambition to bring forth the Degenerate Age foretold by the Sacred Tree of Ages.

The Half-Demon Princesses are prepared to battle anything or everyone that Kirinmaru or his elder sister Zero bring their way, wielding a globally strong stellar demonic-empowered star sword equivalent in strength to the Bakuseiken held by Kirinmaru.

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Episode 4

Setsuna is captured by ninjas who serve Princess Ayia and her father, the Lord, after finally being allowed to sleep after a decade. As Princess Ayia departs the castle in a palanquin to enjoy her newfound freedom, she coerces Setsuna to take her lessons for her. Setsuna is taken aback when he notices that the instructor is none other than Hisui, who has been obliged to fill in for his twin elder sister Nun Kin'u.

Princess Ayia is besieged by an octopus demon who intends to consume her as she walks further outside the castle. Fortunately, she is saved by Hisui, whom she falls in love with right away, as well as help from Kin'u's sacred sutras and Gyokotuo's sent beads.


Epiosde 5

Because Towa and Setsuna are the twin daughters of the great Sesshmaru, a massive earth-type rock demon attacks them, believing that slaying them will make him mighty as well. Towa is ready to beat him with her freshly obtained Zanseiken, but she hesitates once again since he looks to be “guilty” of his acts. Setsuna overcomes the rock demon with a burst of pure demonic force from her Yukari no Tachikiri, as Towa's extremely gentle heart and inability to murder nearly kills her.

Setsuna tells her twin sister Towa that it may be best for Towa to return to the modern era, as their adversary splits into three child-like earth demons and flees with the promise of attacking again. She believes that she is perfectly capable of saving their mother Rin and putting an end to Lord Kirinmaru on her own.

How Yashahime Season 2 Ended?

Towa, the absolutely wild Half-Demon Princess, is determined on putting an end to Zero once and for all now that she has dug into the depths of her darkest rage and loathing and allowed her demonic essence to fully awaken. Zero has acquired even more demonic abilities as a result of absorbing all seven Rainbow Pearls into her eyes, and she is hell-bent on personally delivering Towa to Hell.

Setsuna arrives with an unique present from Rin to assist her twin sister calm down and also save Zero from herself at her mother's request.

Outside the Bone-Eaters and the Sacred Tree of Ages So, Sesshmaru eventually turns the Black Pearl over to Moroha, who has been determined and optimistic to learn more about her parents since first seeing their captivity in the Border of the Afterlife a few weeks earlier. Meanwhile, Kirinmaru spots Akuru and pursues him, using his pinwheel's incredible time-traveling skills, but how far is the Beast King of the East ready to go to attain his ultimate objective of time travel?

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Wrapping Up

The following season, perhaps, will provide some answers. The audience may anticipate to learn more about the adversaries' intentions, which have yet to be revealed. The extent of Towa's skills is unknown; how will the forthcoming season unfold in light of her newfound ability? It will be thrilling to witness. Season 1 may have left a few loose ends, but the forthcoming season will hopefully put any questions viewers may have about the characters to rest.