Let’s Find Out: All About ‘The Deepest Breath’

The Deepest Breath is a documentary and adventurous movie tells about the record-breaking free diver, based on a novel which is written by an Irish author Laura Mcgann. The movie describes the biography of Alessia Zecchini who is an Italian free diver and set world and Italian records in freediving.

The director of the movie The Deepest Breath is Laura McGann and the producers of the movie are John BattsekSarah ThomsonJamie D'Altonand Anne McLoughlin. The original language of the movie is English.

The Deepest Breath: Release Date

The movie “The Deepest Breath” is released on 21 January 2023 in the USA. This is a new Netflix documentary about extreme sport freediving, titled “The Deepest Breath,” is premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and the movie is a collaboration with A24, Motive Films, Ventureland, and RAW.

The Deepest Breath: Plot

The story is about a champion free diver who works with an expert safety diver to break a world record and an emotional bond between them. This heart-stopping documentary movie follows their paths to meet at the peak of the freediving world, documenting the thrilling rewards – and unavoidable risks – of pursuing a dream through the silent depths of the ocean.

A free diver, Alessia Zecchini's story describes the whole journey when she enters the “last quiet place on Earth,”. The Italian champion is determined to break a world record in freediving, a dangerous extreme sport in which competitors attempt to reach the greatest depth possible without using scuba gear.

When free divers ascend, they frequently experience blackouts, requiring the assistance of safety divers such as Stephen Keenan, a free-spirited Irish adventurer who fell in love with the sport in Dahab, Egypt. Alessia and Stephen, who met on the freediving circuit, train together to attempt Dahab's legendary Blue Hole and its challenging 85-foot-long tunnel 184 feet below the Red Sea, their fates inextricably linked.

Laura McGann's film depicts Alessia and Stephen's stories, capturing their diving abilities, and relationship against beautiful underwater scenery. You will see the beauty, stillness, and tragedy of the depth.

The Deepest Breath: Cast

  • Laura McGann: Director, Writer, and Screen Writer
  • Alessia Zecchini :Self
  • John Battsek : Producer
  •  Sarah Thomson: Producer
  •  Jamie D'Alton: Producer
  •  Anne McLoughlin: Producer
  •  Bart Layton: Executive Producer
  •  Ben Cotner: Executive Producer
  • Emily Osborne: Executive Producer
  •  Tim Cragg: Cinematographer
  • Julian Hart: Film Editor

Where to Watch The Deepest Breath?

The movie The Deepest Breath will be available on Netflix this January. As the Netflix platform has acquired the streaming rights for The Deepest Breath documentary.


The Deepest Breath is a biography of a free-diver woman who set a record and gives a new challenge to the world. In this movie, you will the scenic views of the ocean, obstacles faced by a diver, and the struggle and training of a person for achieving her goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When the deepest breath will be released in theatres?

The deepest breath movie is the original movie on Netflix. This movie will be streamed on Netflix in Jan 2023. As of now, it is released in the USA on 21 January 2023.

Q. What is the Runtime of movie The deepest Breath?

Runtime of the movie The Deepest Breath is 1 hour and 48 minutes. The genres of movie are extreme sport, thrill, adventures and Documentary.

 Q. Who is Laura McGann?

Laura McGann is an Irish documentary filmmaker. When she was only 15 years old, she started making films and producing theater and then went to study film in Ballyfermot, Dublin, before pursuing her master’s at Liverpool Hope University. McGann has worked in Ireland and abroad for shooting and directing various documentary projects for RTÉ, Sky, PBS, BBC, Lonely Planet, and UTV.