Let’s Explore What’s Coming to Netflix in March 2023!

Here's a sneak peek at what's coming to Netflix in March of 2023. The month will be remarkable for Netflix since they will debut their first-ever live program.

We’ll constantly update this post throughout February 2023 and into March 2023 with all the newly announced upcoming titles. As promised, here is what you may expect in March of 2023.

Love at First Kiss (Mar 3)

What's Coming to Netflix in March 2023

Javier can see the future… and now he is certain that he has identified the one true love of his life. The only catch is that she's dating his best friend.

Faraway (Mar 8)

Zeynep Altin has finally had it with her husband, daughter, and ailing father. To top it all off, the funeral home dressed her mother's body in a man's suit instead of her favorite clothing.

After this, Zeynep decides she's had enough and takes off for the home on a Croatian island that her mother bought secretly when she was a child. If only the cottage's prior owner, a tough islander named Josip, didn't still reside on the same land…

Luther: The Fallen Sun (Mar 10)

“In Luther: The Fallen Sun, the brilliant but disgraced investigator John Luther (Idris Elba) is behind bars while a terrifying serial killer terrorizes London. Because of his inability to stop the cyber psychopath who is now taunting him, Luther chooses to escape from jail and complete the mission.”

The Magician's Elephant (Mar 17)

What's Coming to Netflix in March 2023

“Peter, who is on the lookout for his long-lost sister Adele, encounters a fortune teller in the town square & has just one inquiry for her: is she still alive? As a result of the answer, Peter sets out on a perilous mission to do 3 seemingly impossible tasks that will alter the course of his town's history & send him on the adventure of a lifetime: finding a strange elephant and the magician who would conjure it. Kate DiCamillo, a winner of two Newbery Medals, adapted her own story for the film The Magician's Elephant.”

Sky High: The Series (Mar 17)

Sole's life will be altered by a call she receives in the wee hours of the morning. The gang leader and husband, ngel, has passed away. After waking up one morning a young widow with a son and a number of difficult businesses to manage, Sole refuses to return to the tutelage of her father Rogelio, one of the largest traders of stolen artifacts in Madrid.

Sole will meet helpful people on her journey to financial independence. Together, they'll figure out why she keeps dying in mysterious ways. She gets in touch with the group and gains their confidence, allowing her to resume her daring heists from before. However, neither the law enforcement nor the various mafias she must contend with will be eager to smooth her path to paradise.

Murder Mystery 2 (Mar 31)

What's Coming to Netflix in March 2023

Now that they are full-time detectives, Nick and Audrey Spitz find themselves in the middle of an international abduction when their friend the Maharaja is abducted at his own spectacular wedding.

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King (Mar 31)

For the first time ever, the best-selling manga Black Clover, originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha), will be adapted into a film. There won't be any continuity between the comics and the movie.

The film will be overseen by the manga's creator, Yki Tabata, and will expose information about the Wizard King that was left out of the source material. Asta, a youngster who was born without magic, strives to become the “Wizard King” in order to prove his might, honor his oath with his friends, and save the world.

Kill Boksoon (Mar 31)

She is well-known as an expert killer in her professional life. She is the sole carer for her adolescent daughter at home. Killing? This is a simple task. The most challenging part of life is becoming a parent.

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