Let’s Check, How Old Was Brett Favre When He Retired?

When the Atlanta Falcons drafted Brett Favre in 1991, former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue flubbed the spelling of his name. Thankfully, from there on out, everything was fine. With the Green Bay Packers, Favre established himself as one of the league's top quarterbacks of the 1990s and 2000s, earning him a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Even by quarterback standards, Favre left the NFL late. Exactly how old was Brett Favre when he retired, and what is he doing now? Hmm, let's find out.

How Old Was Brett Favre When He Retired?

Brett Favre retired at the age of 41 following a long and successful career that included a brief retirement and subsequent return to the NFL due to injuries. Brett Favre is a rare kind of athlete.

How Old Was Brett Favre When He Retired

It's only natural that we'd be curious about the specifics of their biography, including how they became successful and why they ultimately chose to end their athletic careers. Brett Favre's age at retirement and the narrative behind it piques the interest of any true football fan after so many successful and exciting seasons of the sport.

What Is Favre Doing Now?

More than ten years have gone since Brett Favre last played in the NFL; what has he been up to in that time? How old is Brett Favre to begin with? For most of his 52 years, the man has avoided the limelight.

As evidenced by iSpot.tv, Favre continues to appear in ads and on television occasionally. In contrast to many other quarterbacks of his kind, Favre has not transitioned into broadcasting.

The Packers News reports that Favre, who retired and now resides in Sumrall, Mississippi, is making the most of his post-football life by doing things he never had time for before, like traveling.

Aside from his many business endeavors, he enjoys supporting his children in their extracurricular activities and going to their sporting events. Some news stories about Favre surfaced during the current COVID-19 quarantine.

His talk with CBS Sports, which you can see on YouTube, includes a discussion about his daughter's interest in creating TikTok videos with her pals. Things snowballed, and Favre ended up dying his grey hair orange and hinting to the interviewer that he would try out pink next.

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Favre's remarks on Aaron Rodgers' role and future with the Green Bay Packers, his thoughts on the NFL campaigning for social justice, and the fact that he had to pay $288,000 to settle a fraud welfare case after missing the deadline have all made headlines recently, as reported by CBS Sports.

Let's Take a Look at Favre's Career

Brett Favre wasn’t with the Atlanta Falcons for long, as the organization traded him to the Packers in February 1992. That year, he started 13 of Green Bay's 15 games and was named the team's starting quarterback.

From this point on until his final season with the Minnesota Vikings in 2010, Favre started all 16 games in every one of them. As a quarterback, Favre set an NFL record by playing in 297 consecutive games.

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Pro Football Reference reports that Favre had a winning record of 186 games during his career and that he passed for over 71,000 yards & 508 touchdowns with 336 interceptions. By overcoming the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI, the Green Bay Packers were led to victory by their 3-time NFL MVP.

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