How Old Is Leorio in Hunter X Hunter? Explained!

‘Hunter x Hunter' is a superhero tale series based on a Japanese fiction collection produced and explained by Yoshihiro Togashi. It depicts a world where an elite group of people known as the Hunters are given liberty to travel anywhere and do anything.

One of the show's key characters, Gon Freecss, decides to take the Hunter Exam after learning that his absent father was a Hunter.

He befriends other contenders Killua Zoldyck and Kurapika and becomes their companion. Gon's existence quest truly begins once he becomes a licenced Hunter. It helps to tell the storey of Gon Freecss, a young kid who aspires to be a Hunter like his father, Ging.

Hunters are a unique type of civilization with talents that may be utilised to find valuable things, monsters, or even defend individuals. To become a Hunter, one must pass the difficult and demanding Hunter Exam, which only a few men and women pass on a regular basis. Leorio is introduced as one of Gon's fellow examinees right at the start of the storey.

His motivation for joining the Hunter Exam is to become a medical doctor, and he's learned that he needs a lot of money, which he won't have to worry about once he becomes a Hunter.

Killua asks Leorio, a “old person,” through one of the previous elements of the exam. He responds immediately, informing them that he is a child much like the rest of them—much to the surprise of Gon, Killua, and Kurapika.

What Is Leorio's Age?

At one time in his career, Leorio was 19 years old. He is currently 21 years old, which corresponds to the manga's storyline. I'm equally as surprised as the other three. Leorio's trademark appears to be a dark blue business suit, and he also has a portfolio.

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“19-year-old” doesn't often come to mind when you hear it. But then again, Leorio is just one of many anime characters that don't seem to be living their lives.

Plot of Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

‘Hunter X Hunter' revolves around Gon Freecss, a 12-year-old boy. He claims to be the most pleasant Hunter in the entire cosmos. So that he might meet his father, who had abandoned him for a similar career, one day.

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Hunting in this world is no longer limited to tracking down monsters and shooting them; it also comprises a variety of difficult tasks, such as hunting for lost reserves in uncharted territory and doing a variety of demanding movements.

Gon enters the world of hunting with big ambitions and a lot of power; yet, he has no idea that everything from now on would be far more difficult for him than his previous comfortable existence.

In the course of achieving his life's ambition, Gon encounters a few others, including a doctor-in-training named Leorio, the last descendant of the Kurta clan, and Kurapika, a competent ex-assassin.

All four have their own man or woman interests, and they all appreciate the Hunter test, which qualifies them as respected anglers.

But, as part of the plan, they all end up on the same floors as they work toward their common goal, and they become true friends. The exam's pass rate is low, and Gon and his newfound friends will have to overcome significant obstacles and agony in order to pass.

They'll have to deal with people and other creatures who are similar to them but may be far more powerful, and they'll have to learn what it takes to be a true hunter at some point.

Positive recommendations are given during the last few episodes of the show, leading us closer to the possibility of a new season. Let's assume Togashi recovers swiftly from his illness and continues to provide us more of fantastic animation.

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To date, there are 380 chapters in the manga. As a result, the anime only has 339 of them. So, until a new season is released, you can generally see what happens next in the storey, which is rather spectacular.

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