Who’s Lenny Kravitz’s Dating? Is She Mexican?

Leonard Albert Kravitz is a famous American singer, songwriter and actor, was born in May 26,1964 in New York City. He won the Grammy award for best male rock Vocal performance from 1999 to 2002.

The singer Lenny Kravitz named Romeo Blue and has an extremely impressive dating history. The rock star has been linked to some of the most stunning women in Hollywood, including his ex-wife Lisa Bonet, with whom he shares a child.

Among his other well-known ex-girlfriends are Kylie Minogue, Adriana Lima, and Nicole Kidman. But is Lenny currently dating anyone? To learn about the most recent dating rumors regarding Lenny Kravitz, read the article till end.

Is Lenny Kravitz’s Dating A Mexican Model?

When Kravitz was seen in Los Angeles with Mexican model Ana Paula Valle, relationship rumors began to circulate. In March 2023, the two showed up together to shop at a West Hollywood boutique, according to Hola! Magazine. The 26-year-old model and the musician were photographed getting out of a black vehicle, walking into the store CHURCH, and shopping. Valle was dressed in a military tan jumpsuit, high black boots, a black purse, and sunglasses, while Kravitz was dressed in a leather jacket, light brown trousers, and boots.

Lenny and ana

As it is not cleared yet that they are friends or more than friends.

Know About The Dating History Of Lenny Kravitz:

Lenny Kravitz is currently single or not, its not confirmed yet, and he keeps his dating life pretty private. Here you can read personalities to whom he dated.

Lenny And His Ex-Wife

In 1985, Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz first met backstage at a New Edition performance.

Two years later, the relationship proposed romantically, and in November 1987, the couple married in Las Vegas. A year year, their daughter Zoe Kravitz was born on December 1, 1988. After two years the pair separated and finalized their divorce n 1993.

Lenny, ex-wife and zoe

Although they divorced, but the former couple continue their friendship. Kravitz has disclosed this aspect of the relationship, and saying , “Zoë’s mom and I now are best friends. It’s interesting because that’s how the relationship started. It makes you feel really good when you can do that. When we’re all together now,” according to US weekly.

In 2005, Bonet began a relationship with actor Jason Momoa ; the two later married in 2017. But in 2022, they made their split public.

Lenny Kravitz And Kylie Minogue

There are rumors that Lenny Kravitz and Kylie Minogue had a brief relationship in 1991. However, neither musician has described a lot of detail about their relationship in public.

Lenny Kravitz And Kylie Minogue

Lenny Kravitz and Vanessa Paradis

Lenny and Vanessa Paradis is a French singer, model, and actress dated about five years from 1992-1997. When Lenny and Vanessa working together, Lenny said, ” I think Vanessa is a very intense young lady. I think she's extremely talented. I learned a lot about producing, working with an artist, but this music was really, really tailored for her. I tried to get inside of her mind. I spent a lot of time with her to see what she was thinking, what she was feeling.”

Lenny Kravitz and Vanessa Paradis

After five years together, Kravitz and Paradis broke up their relationship in 1997 and the reason was not disclosed.

And after a year Vanessa went on to date Jonny Depp.

Lenny Kravitz date Nicole Kidman

When Kidman was renting Kravitz's Manhattan residence out in 2002 while renovating her own $8 million West Village flat, then the two came into contact. Around this time, they started dating, but they were able to keep it a secret. In fact, they were able to keep it so secret that it took almost 15 years for the public to learn that the two had ever been in a very serious relationship.

Lenny Kravitz date Nicole Kidman

During their relationship, the couple became engaged, but it seems marriage was not in the cards because they never actually exchanged vows.


As of now, it is not sure that Lenny is committed with Mexican Model Ana Paula Valle because no one speak up about it yet, If we took a glance on the past relations of Lenny, then we can see he dated many high profile celebrities. And he as a daughter with his ex wife. In the end, I hope you like this article and get to know about the dating history of renowned singer Lenny Kravitz. If you any question related to this article then you can leave it in the comment section. Thank You!

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