League Of Kingdoms NFT: A Blockchain-based MMO Strategy Game!

League of Kingdoms is a non-linear time strategy game that employs a play-to-earn mechanic. This blockchain game can be played on a mobile phone or a computer. Despite the fact that it is the world's first DeFi MMO game (massively multiplayer online game), it is widely considered to be the next Clash of Clans or a similar game.

League of Kingdoms NFT: NFTs can be used to build your kingdom and trade digital assets

Building a kingdom, joining alliances, competing against others, and participating in raids are all options available to players during the gameplay.

If you're a newcomer to the League of Kingdoms, you'll start with a rudimentary kingdom that you'll have to upgrade and develop. You must work the lands outside your inner kingdom in order to gather resources in order to expand and grow your army. This is in addition to your internal kingdom.

League Of Kingdoms NFT

Corn, wood, stone, gold coins, and crystals are among the resources that can be found. Players can mine them in-game, earn them as rewards for completing quests or purchase them as NFTs. These resources will be essential in helping you to defeat your opponents and establish a strong presence in the League of Kingdoms blockchain game. Crystals are the most valuable of the game's resources because they can be used to enhance virtually any aspect of the game's gameplay. You can, for example, create armies more quickly or travel from point A to point B more quickly than before.

You can form alliances with other kingdoms, just as you could in medieval times, to increase your chances of success. Being a member of an alliance will have advantages, not only in terms of combat but also in terms of resource and development rewards. You can work together to amass an army and fortify your defenses before other players are ready to launch their conquest campaign.

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League Of Kingdoms NFT

Tokenized governance of the kingdoms, created by the kingdoms, for the kingdoms in the League of Kingdoms game metaverse. $LOKA is a governance token developed in collaboration with The TPA Metaverse Foundation.

League Of Kingdoms NFT: Play to Earn mechanics in a DeFi game

Due to the fact that League of Kingdoms is a free-to-play game, players are not required to own land in order to participate in the game's ecosystem. Meanwhile, players who purchase a LAND square become the legal owners of the corresponding LAND NFT token. Consequently, it is simple to establish ownership, paving the way for a governance system in which all players have the ability to choose their own leaders.

League Of Kingdoms NFT

To put it another way, there are two ways to earn money in the game. First and foremost, land ownership provides a source of passive income. Every landowner receives 5 percent of the in-game resources harvested by players on their land, and 10 percent of the net revenue from in-app purchases made by players in the game is shared with landowners in DAI tokens. Landowners also receive 5 percent of the in-game resources harvested by players on their land if the net revenue from in-app purchases made by players in the game is shared with landowners in DAI tokens (USD stable coin).

In addition, virtual land is a commodity that players can exchange for real-world money. During the first mainland sale, which took place in December, the lowest level land sold for $13, while the highest level land sold for $25. There were a total of six different land levels available, with the most expensive one costing $240. For example, a land asset valued at $15 ETH generates more than $60 in revenue in a month from its use. As League of Kingdoms grows in popularity, more servers will be made available, increasing the possibility of increased revenue. The same land coordinates are owned by the same landowners on each server.

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The second way to make money is to own the resources in the game and mint them as NFTs, which you can then sell on OpenSea for a profit. This is specifically aimed at players who do not wish to invest money in order to earn an NFT in exchange for their participation.

On the game's official website, you can learn more about it. If you're looking for the next Clash of Clans-style game, who knows what you'll find? You might become addicted!

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