Lawless Lawyer Season 2 Release Date: What Is The Storyline Of Season 2?

“Lawless Lawyer” is a South Korean drama that aired on TV from May 12th to July 1st, 2018. Actors Lee Joon-gi, Seo Ye-ji, Lee Hye-young, and Choi Min-soo star in this legal thriller drama.

“Lawless Lawyer” captivated viewers with its gripping narrative and action-packed sequences, thanks to the film's intense storyline and kinetic characters.

So today we will know in this article that till when season 2 will come. Fans are very restless to know because the fanbase is so big of this series,

so without wasting time let's come to the point and start

Overview Of Lawless Lawyer Season 2

Series Name Lawless Lawyer
Number of Seasons 1
Total Episodes 16
Current Status Upcoming Season 2
Genre Drama, Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Production Houses Logos Film, Studio Dragon
Directed By Kim Jin-min
Country South Korea
Original Korean
Available Languages Korean
First Episode Sat May 12, 2018
Second Season Release Date In the article
Available On Netflix, Viki

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What Is The Release Date Of Lawless Lawyer Season 2?

Till now there is no official detail or announcement of when season 2 will be released. It is expected that the producers will soon come up with this favorite farewell series of fans.

As soon as any information comes, I will definitely update you, fans are very much waiting for season 2. For reliable data, one must rely on trustworthy sources. Keep an eye out for further information from the show's producers.

What Is The Storyline Of Lawless Lawyer Season 2?

The series follows Lee Joon-gi's Bong Sang-Pil (a former gangster turned lawyer) as he battles corruption in the city of Gisung.

To bring justice to the people, Sang-Pil, who is known for his unconventional methods and fearless attitude, often works outside the law. Sang-Pil, aided by his associate Ha Jae-Yi (Seo Ye-ji), a talented lawyer with a troubled past, faces down corrupt officials and formidable foes.

Throughout the show, Sang-pil searches for justice for the murder of his mother at the hands of the powerful and corrupt Jang family. Sang-pil takes matters into his own hands, using his street smarts and legal know-how to bring down the Jang family's empire after the legal system fails to do so.

Sang-Pil learns the shocking truth about his mother's murder as he investigates the seedy underbelly of Gisung.

The interplay between Sang-Pil and Jae-yi is the story's most intriguing aspect. Their mutual commitment to righting wrongs brings them closer together, and a budding romance develops amidst the mayhem.

Despite the high stakes of the battles they are in, their relationship provides the characters with moments of vulnerability and support. The intense courtroom drama and thrilling action sequences in “Lawless Lawyer” set it apart from other legal dramas.

High-stakes conflicts, unexpected turns in the story, and a brisk pace keep viewers glued to their screens throughout the series.

lawless lawyer season 2 release date

It's always exciting to see how Sang-Pil and his team use their legal knowledge and street smarts to outwit their adversaries in each episode. Lee Joon-gi's performance as the title character in “Lawless Lawyer” is particularly impressive.

He successfully portrays Sang-pil's inner conflict between seeking justice and seeking revenge. In the role of Ha Jae-yi, Seo Ye-ji shines thanks to her nuanced portrayal of the character's strength and vulnerability.

The series' depth and intensity are enhanced by the performances of the supporting cast, which includes Lee Hye-young as the formidable and mysterious judge Cha Moon-sook and Choi Min-soo as the ruthless mobster Ahn Oh-joo.

What could be the spoiler of Lawless Lawyer season 2?

Since there is probably no official deciding factor for Season 2, we'll have to make assumptions based on the finale of the most recently aired season.

Now that the main bad guys have been defeated and justice has been restored, Season 2 may introduce new testing circumstances for Bong Sang-Pil to overcome.

It needs to bring in formidable new foes, test the dedication of major players, and delve deeper into their backstories. Followers can expect a whirlwind of contrasting feelings and tense encounters.

What Can We Expect From Lawless Lawyer Season 2?

The Plot Develops Further

The main plot, including the feud between Bong Sang-pil and the Jang family, will likely continue. People are rooting for Sang-Pil to succeed in his fight for justice and to bring down the corrupt empire.

Updated Examples and Problems

Many viewers anticipate Sang-Pil and his team's next legal case with great anticipation. These cases could showcase the characters' legal knowledge and aptitude for handling complex situations while also delving into various aspects of law and society.

Relationships and Personal Development

Further character growth and relationship exploration would be expected. Fans are interested in Bong Sang-Pil and Ha Jae-yi's development as people and as lovers. In addition, they may hope for more development of secondary characters and their histories.

Extreme Drama and Danger

Given the thrilling nature of the series, viewers can anticipate nail-biting action scenes, tense confrontations, and unexpected plot twists. They would hope to see action sequences and courtroom battles that show off the protagonists' prowess and resolve.

Theme Development

The themes of corruption, justice, and the balance of power in society are all broached in “Lawless Lawyer.” Fans would like to see more stories like this one, which explores the repercussions of corruption and the struggle for justice in a flawed system.

Cast Of The Lawless Lawyer Season 2

Sure! Here's a table featuring the actors and their respective characters in the drama “Lawless Lawyer”:

Actor/Actress Character
Lee Joon-Gi Bong Sang-Pil
Seo Ye-Ji Ha Jae Yi
Lee Hye-Yeong Cha Moon-sook
Min-su Choi Ahn Oh-joo
Yeom Hye-ran Nam Soon-ja
Choi Dae-hoon Seok Gwan-dong
Jung Won Cha Kang Yeon-hee
Dae-yeon Lee Woo Hyung-man
Jeon Jin-ki Go In-doo
Han-wi Lee Ha Ki-Ho
Ahn Nae-sang Choi Dae Woong
Lim Ki-Hong Keum Kang
Eun-Jeong Sin Choi Jin-ae

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These are the main cast members and their corresponding characters in “Lawless Lawyer.” Each actor brings their talent and skill to portray their roles and contribute to the overall storyline and dynamics of the drama.

Is Lawless Lawyer a happy ending?

So guys in the end Cha Moon Suk's criminal past was eventually laid bare in court. Bong Sang Pil was able to exact his vengeance and felt a sense of fulfillment as a result. Another person who tried to die at Bong Sang Pil's hands, Ahn Oh Joo, instead shot himself with the gun he had.

Where Can I Watch Lawless Lawyer?

You can easily watch on Netflix and Viki platforms.

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Trailer Of Lawless Lawyer Season2

It's possible that there are currently no reliable estimates of when the Season 2 Lawless Lawyer trailer will be made available online.

Fans can wait for official word on the trailer's debut by staying tuned to official channels such as the show's social media accounts or the website of the production company. Until you can enjoy the trailer of season 1.

Rating And Reviews Of Lawless Lawyer

lawless lawyer season 2 release date

The first episode of “Lawless Lawyer” will hook you in and keep you watching until the very end. Excellent action scenes and unexpected turns in the plot add to the thrill of watching this film.

This show is fantastic thanks to its compelling plot, compelling characters, and brilliant performances. It also explores important themes, such as corruption and justice. A reader of “Lawless Lawyer” will be on the edge of his or her seat the entire time.

“Lee Joon-Gi's performance as Bong Sang-Pil is superb. He expertly brings Sang-pil to life, showing how the character can be both just and vindictive at the same time. Because of Joon-Gi's compelling performance, you care deeply about Sang-Pil and his adventures.

His fight scenes are riveting, and the complexity of his personality shines through. Lee Joon-Gi's performance as Bong Sang-Pil is remarkable, and it further establishes him as one of the most gifted actors working today.


The compelling story, well-developed characters, and thrilling action in Lawless Lawyer have won over viewers. While confirmation of a second season has not yet been officially made, the show's success and loyal audience provide compelling evidence for its continuation.

As the series progresses, viewers can anticipate more thrilling courtroom battles, character growth, and unexpected turns. Let's toast the impact of Lawless Lawyer and its contribution to the genre of legal dramas as we eagerly await news of Season 2 details.

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