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Lauren Boebert was born on December 15, 1986, in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Lauren Boebert's mother had registered as a Republican by 2001 when Lauren was 14 years old.

She dropped out of high school during her senior year because she was pregnant with her kid, and she went to work as an assistant manager at a McDonald's in Rifle, Colorado. Shooters Grill, owned by Lauren Boebert and her husband, debuted in Rifle, Colorado, west of Glenwood Springs, in 2013.

She says she obtained a concealed-carry permit after a guy was “pummeled to death by another man's hands… outside [her] restaurant,” and she has since encouraged the restaurant's waiters to carry firearms openly in their respective positions.

Lauren Boebert made national headlines in September 2019 when she confronted Beto O'Rourke, a candidate in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, at an Aurora town hall meeting over his proposal for a buy-back program and a ban on assault-style rifles as AR-15s.

Boebert's confrontation garnered widespread attention. In December of last year, Lauren Boebert declared her candidacy to represent Colorado's 3rd congressional district in the United States House of Representatives, beginning with a primary challenge to incumbent Republican Scott Tipton. He has served in the position for five terms.

Lauren Boebert Net Worth
Lauren Boebert Net Worth

After winning the Democratic primary, Lauren Boebert challenged Democratic former state legislator Diane Mitsch Bush, a retired sociology professor from Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The regular election was held in November. Although Mitsch Bush outraised Lauren Boebert in terms of money raised and spent by Democratic operatives, Lauren Boebert won the election by 51.27 percent to 45.41 percent. Mitsch Bush raised $4.2 million and spent nearly $4 million, compared to Lauren Boebert's $2.4 million and spent more than $5 million by Republicans.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) began an investigation into the potential use of more than $6,000 from Lauren Boebert's 2022 reelection campaign money for personal expenditures in August 2021.

Lauren Boebert formally stated on December 31, 2021, that she would be running for re-election to the United States House of Representatives in Colorado's 3rd congressional district in the 2022 election.

Following her arrest and booking into the Garfield County Jail on February 13, 2017, Lauren Boebert was charged with failing to appear in court on these crimes.

Net Worth

Net Worth $41 Million
Assets $22 Million
Liabilities & Loans $7 Million
Investments $15 Million
U.S Representative Salary $175,000
Business Income $4 Million
Donations & Gifts $2 Million
Family Inheritance $10 Million


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 Assets & Investments

Lauren Boebert Net Worth
Lauren Boebert Net Worth

Lauren Boebert owns more than five real estate assets, four automobiles, and one luxury yacht. Lauren Boebert's assets also include a cash reserve of over $16 million, including her net worth.

Lauren Boebert also has a $15 million investment portfolio, consisting of ten stocks and managed by a financial advisor. Lauren Boebert owns several equities, some of which are shown here.


Lauren Boebert Net Worth
Lauren Boebert Net Worth

Lauren Boebert is entitled to a salary of $175,000 per year as a United States representative. The travel allowance and other benefits are in addition to Lauren Boebert's pay. Lauren Boebert's net worth was calculated after factoring in her income and her additional benefits.


Lauren Boebert Net Worth
Lauren Boebert Net Worth

Lauren Boebert just purchased a Mercedes-Benz G-Class for $170,000 US dollars. Lauren Boebert also has a BMW X8, which she bought for USD 90,000. Lauren Boebert has several different automobiles, which are mentioned below.

  • Audi RS Q8
  • Toyota Vellfire
  • Lincoln Aviator


Lauren Boebert Net Worth
Lauren Boebert Net Worth

Lauren Boebert resides in his 9,500-square-foot luxury home in Florida, the United States. Lauren Boebert has purchased this property for an estimated price of 12 million dollars, according to public records. Designed by a leading European architect, the interiors of Lauren Boebert's are in the Roman style. Lauren Boebert's property also features three pools, seven fireplaces, two large balconies, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and an indoor plunge pool, among other amenities.


Full Name Lauren Opal Boebert
Age 35 years
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.64 m)
Weight 132 lb (59 kg)
Husband Jayson Boebert
Worth $41 Million

Exclusive Facts About Lauren Boebert

Zodiac Sign Aries
Favorite Actor Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite Food Pasta
Favorite Colour Blue
Favorite Sport Basketball
Favorite Music Artist Taylor Swift
Favorite Holiday Destination Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Does Lauren Boebert Make in a Year?

Lauren Boebert earns more than 4 million dollars in a single year. In addition to her pay, Lauren Boebert receives profits from investments and interest income from Bank Deposits as a source of revenue.

What is Lauren Boebert’s Congressional District?

Colorado’s 3rd congressional district.

What is Lauren Boebert's Salary?
Lauren Boebert is a United States Representative in the House of Representatives, with a $175,000 a year salary.

How Much Is Lauren Boebert Worth?

According to estimates, Lauren Boebert has a net worth of 41 million dollars.

How Tall Is Lauren Boebert?

5 feet 4 inches (1.64 meters)

Who Is Lauren Boebert Married to?

Jayson Boebert.

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