Larry Elder Net Worth: What is the Main Source of His Income?

Everyone knows about the Larry Elder show. Larry Elder is a radio host from the United States. He is one of the most well-known people on the radio in the United States. Even though most African Americans are considered Democrats, he is one of the most famous African American Conservatives in the Republican party.

Besides being a radio show host. He is a very well-known author and also writes screenplays. This article has everything you might want to know about Larry Elder, including his wife, bio, wiki, and net worth in 2022. So, let's get started–

Early Life & Education

Larry Elder was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 27, 1952. He is the middle brother of three. Randolph, his father, was a sergeant in the US Marine Corps and opened a café in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles in the early 1960s.

Larry Elder Net Worth

Elder's mother, Viola, used to work as a clerk for the Department of War in the United States. Elder went to Crenshaw High School and took advanced classes at Fairfax High School when he was in high school.

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After he finished high school in 1970, he went to Brown University and got a BA in political science. Elder then went to the University of Michigan Law School and obtained his JD in 1977.

Career Beginnings in Law

Elder joined the law firm Squire, Sanders & Dempsey in Cleveland, Ohio, after he graduated from law school. A little while later, he started a company called Laurence A. Elder and Associates to help lawyers find jobs. The Elder stopped running the business in 1987 and gave up ownership of it in 1995.

Career in Radio

Larry Elder Net Worth

Elder's longest-lasting job started in 1994 when he started hosting “The Larry Elder Show,” a weeknight talk show on the Los Angeles station KABC. The program ran until 2008, and then it ran again from 2010 to 2014, but Elder was fired, so that was the end of that run. Elder then became part of the CRN Digital Talk Radio Networks lineup.

Career in Television

Elder started working in TV in 1988 when he began co-hosting the show “Fabric” on the PBS station WVIZ in Cleveland. Later, in 1997, he worked with conservative commentators Fred Barnes and Laura Ingraham to co-host the PBS show “National Desk.”

Elder got a lot of attention in 2000 for hosting a KCAL-TV News special called “Making Waves – LAUSD.” He hosted the syndicated court show “Moral Court” from 2000 to 2001.

Career in Writing

Elder wrote opinion pieces for Cleveland newspapers in the late 1980s. In the late 1990s, he started writing a column for Creators Syndicate that was read all over the country.

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Elder also wrote a column for the Los Angeles Daily News every week until 2012. He has also written nonfiction books, many of which have ideas about culture and politics that are hateful, wrong, or harmful in other ways.

Larry Elder's Net Worth

According to sources, the famous American radio host Larry Elder has a net worth of $20 million. We've already discussed that Larry Elder is worth $20 million. His radio show has earned him more than $8 million.

Larry Elder Net Worth

Larry Elder's writing career has also brought in about $5 million. Larry Elder has written books and writes daily columns for the local newspaper. During the 2021 California recall election for governor, Larry Elder spent a lot of money.

Larry Elder has been a conservative pundit for a very long time. However, his conservative credentials were questioned when he was accused of se*ual abuse. These cases are still being heard in court, and we'll let you know as soon as there is a verdict.

Larry Elder: Personal Life

Larry Elder's relationship with his girlfriend, which he has talked about, cannot be confirmed. But back in the 1990s, Larry Elder was known to be married. Before they married, his ex-wife was also his friend for two years.

Unfortunately, they could not keep their marriage together and ended up divorced. This was because they had some problems and affairs between themselves. Later, it was said that Larry Elder and Alexandra Datig got engaged but didn't get married.

Larry Elder Net Worth

Alexandra Datig is an an advocate for victims of human trafficking and a child traumatic rape survivor.

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Information About Larry Elder's Height, Weight, and Body

One of the most important things for fans is how celebrities look. Regarding size, weight, etc., celebrities always start new trends. We can get a sense of it. He is nearly 1.81 m tall. About 88 kg is how much it weighs. Since the weight changes often, we put the value on the moment.

What's Laurence Allen Elder's Age?

You must have an idea about Laurence Allen Elder's age! If not, then you have nothing to worry about. You can find his birthday, birthplace, and other things below. From what we know, the birthday was on April 27, 1952. He's 70 years old now. He was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.