Lalisa Manoban Net Worth: Bio, Career, Parents | Is She Married?

Lalisa Manoban, also known as Lisa, is a charming Thai rapper, dancer, model, and singer from South Korea. She rose to fame as a member of the girl group ‘BLACKPINK.' The girl agreed to join YG Entertainment as a member of the girl music group.

YG Entertainment chose her after an audition when she was fourteen years old. She relocated from Thailand to South Korea after being picked to pursue a career in the music industry.

She spent 5 years honing her musical abilities before making her professional debut with BlackPink. She is the group's youngest member and the lead vocalist, dancer, and rapper. She quickly established herself as the group's leader, owing to her unrivaled talent.

After Lisa joined the band, the official studio album, Square One, was published. The clever girl has provided music fans with many interesting musical pieces. Dhu-Du, Boombayah, and Whistle are among the most inspiring songs.

Lalisa Manoban Net Worth

Lisa has received numerous honors for her outstanding efforts in making BlackPink a fantastic music group in South Korea and worldwide. She was awarded the ‘Best of the Next Artist Award,' ‘New Artist of the Year,' ‘Bonsang Award,' and ‘World Rookie Award.'

Lisa's ability to speak English, Thai, Japanese, and Korean proficiently is one of the key reasons she became the team leader. She is a big fan of western culture and eating. Lisa firmly attaches to Thai culture and frequently shares her thoughts about missing her parents and Thai traditions.

Lalisa Manoban: Parents and Early life

Lalisa was born on March 27, 1997, in Thailand's northeastern region of Chiang Mai. She is her parents' sole offspring. Her mother is a Thai lady, and the gorgeous girl's stepfather is of Swiss origin. In Bangkok, his stepfather is a Thai food specialist and restaurant consultant.

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She was born under the name Pranpriya Manoban but was later renamed Lalisa on the suggestion of a fortune teller. Liz and Pokpak are names given to the gorgeous girl by her family members.

Manoban graduated from the Praphamontree School 1 and 2. She had a strong interest in South Korean Pop music from a young age. She became a big fan of artists like 2NE1 and Big Bang. She began to consider herself South Korean pop music's future. The small child would spend hours practicing and imitating other vocalists.

She always revealed her ambitions to her parents, telling them she wanted to work in the music industry after finishing school. Lalisa's mother was always there for her and accompanied her through thick and thin.

Lalisa Manoban Net Worth

Pranpriya competed in a singing competition as a student at her school. The event, dubbed ‘Top Three Good Morals of Thailand,' was organized by the country's Moral Promotion Center. The adorable singer was chosen as a runner-up competitor. As a child, the girl competed in numerous significant dancing events.

To Be Number One was the name of an excellent dancing competition in which she competed. She aspired to be a great dancer, joining the We Zaa Cool dance group. The group had eleven dancers, and Lalisa quickly rose to prominence owing to her excellent dancing movements.

Lalisa Manoban: Career

Monoban's music career began in 2010 when she auditioned for the YG Entertainment label. The auditions were held in Lalisa's home country of Thailand, Astonishingly. More than 4,000 contestants auditioned for YG Entertainment in Thailand, but Lalisa was the only lucky female to pass at the moment.

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Manoban is a lovely young lady with a sweet demeanor. On April 11, 2011, she joined the music label and began training as an official trainee. In March 2015, she was approached to serve as a model for Nona9on, a well-known streetwear brand.

Lalisa made her debut as a member of the popular musical group BlackPink in 2016. Later that year, she also appeared for Moonshot, a South Korean cosmetics company. She was the first immigrant female to work for YG Entertainment.

The band made its debut with the stunning ‘Square One studio album. It featured some of the most fantastic music, including chart-topping singles ‘Whistle' and ‘Boombayah.' Kill This Love, BlackPink, and Square Up are the group's three successful EPs.

Four females released the well-known Japanese studio album BlackPink in Your Area.' Square One and Square Two were two of the group's most famous tracks.

Lalisa Manoban's Net Worth

Despite being the youngest member of BlackPink, Manoban has quickly risen to the position of leader. After joining YG Entertainment, the girl has proven her value. She has made a living in the music and modeling sectors. She has also modeled for many South Korean businesses.


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The little girl's music relationship with BlackPink contributes significantly to her entire revenue. According to the Celebrity net worth, Lalisa Manoban's net worth is $14 million. This is her net worth, not the whole net worth of BlackPink.

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Is Lalisa Manoban Married?

Lalisa has several male pals in the music industry, including those from YG Entertainment. Her relationship with anyone, however, has yet to be proven. She is currently concentrating on her professional singing career.

The girl is living as a single person with her friends and family. She practices Buddhism and is fluent in several languages. She hasn't chosen somebody to be her life mate.

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