Kylie Jenner Transformation: Incredible Face and Body Transformation!

Kylie Jenner, the makeup mogul, grew up in front of the cameras, and it's no secret that she may have become the most famous of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters.

As she turns 24, the social media mogul is now a full-fledged star in her own right. According to lifeandstylemag, let's look back at how the years have changed her.

Natural Beauty

Age: 11 (2008)

The 11-year-old Kylie who went to an event in 2008 wearing simple shorts and a plaid top was clearly a more shy version of the Kylie that Hollywood now knows.

Kylie Jenner Transformation

Her bright smile lit up the camera, and she didn't wear any make-up, so her natural beauty shone through.

Hello Fringe!

Age: 12 (2009)

Kylie Jenner Transformation

This stylish socialite decided to try out a chunky fringe because it was a new year. She looked great as she went to an event in California in a look that was both cute and classy.


Age: 13 (2010)

Kylie Jenner Transformation

As she went from being a schoolgirl to a teen, she got a tan and put eyeliner on. Kylie went to events with a deep golden glow, and with a determined pout on her lips, she showed the first signs of her sassy, sophisticated personality.

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Smoky-eyed Ky

Age: 14 (2011)

By the time she was 14, Kylie knew how to do a smokey eye. She had started to try out different kinds of makeup at that point.

Kylie Jenner Transformation

No longer did she walk the Red Carpet without any makeup on. Instead, dark liner made her eyes stand out, and eyeshadow in the same color added to her sultry look. The way her long hair fell over her shoulders made her look like a cool A-Lister.

Sex Siren

Age: 16 (2013)

Kylie Jenner Transformation

Just two years later, Kylie's attitude was at its peak, and she looked nothing like she did before. The TV beauty showed that she wouldn't be happy living in her sisters' shadows by wearing clothes that showed a lot of skin.

All Grown Up

Age: 17 (2014)

At 17, Kylie started to try new things with her hair. Every other week, she would show off a new color or style. Her style changed, and she began to wear tight dresses that showed off her figure. She got her first short-term lip fillers when she turned 17.

Kylie Jenner Transformation

Dr. Simon Ourian, the doctor who took care of the star while she was on the operating table, told her sister Khloe: “Kylie is very smart about what she wants to happen. She has changed so much in the past few years that it's hard to believe.”

Pouty Kylie

Age: 18 (2015)

As soon as she turned 18, the beauty got a whole new set of lips. As she showed the results of her cosmetic procedure, Dr. Ourian said that she had gone through “an amazing transformation.”

But the beautiful woman says she hasn't had any more surgery. She told Wonderland magazine: “People think I've already done everything.

Kylie Jenner Transformation

“I thought it would calm down when I said, “OK, I admit it, I got my lips done. I never lied, I just wasn't telling the whole truth.”

“People then thought, “Well, if she got her lips done, she probably got everything else done, too.” People don't know that I just turned 18, so there's no way my mom would ever let me get a nose job or boob job.”

New Year, New Kylie

Age: 19 (2016)

This is when Kylie changed into the socialite people now know her as. The famous person made herself even hotter by showing off a curvier body and making sure everyone saw it.

Kylie Jenner Transformation

This is also when she started using her famous lip kits, which sold out in seconds for years, to outline her lips.

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Sex Symbol

Age: 20 (2017)

By the time she was 20, the stunning beauty had come to terms with her sexuality and beautiful body. As part of her job, the star didn't mind putting it all out there on social media. She made videos to promote Kylie Cosmetics and kept working on her new reality show, Life of Kylie.

Kylie Jenner Transformation

She was seen trying out different looks, especially with her hair. She wore different wigs to show off a new look. But Kylie seemed to be out of the spotlight for half of the year, and many people thought she was pregnant.

New Mom

Age: 21 (2018)

Kylie gave birth to her daughter Stormi in February 2018. For nine months, she kept her pregnancy a secret.

She gave up her tight dresses and crop tops while she was pregnant and wore looser clothes to hide her growing belly. However, she was back in business just a few weeks after giving birth.

Kylie Jenner Transformation

At this time, Kylie also made the decision to get rid of her lip fillers and go for a more natural look. As a new mom, she also made sure to show off her naturally glowing skin on social media and take off all of her extensions.

A Billionaire

Age: 22 (2019)

Forbes named Kylie the youngest self-made billionaire in 2019 because of her popular makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics. Around this time, Kylie's style went up a notch, and she started wearing designer outfits every day.

Kylie Jenner Transformation

She also passed on her sense of style to her young daughter Stormi, who wore outfits and jewelry worth millions of dollars. Kylie went back to getting lip fillers at this time, but she made sure they fit her face.