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Unpopular manga artist learns the value of adult responsibility and caring when forced to look after his new neighbor, a 5-year-old living alone.

Status of the Second Season of Kotaro Lives Alone on Netflix

Kotaro Lives Alone has been streaming on Netflix for over a week, but the streaming platform has not yet said whether the anime has been renewed.

kotaro lives alone season 2

  • It's rare for an anime to be renewed on Netflix within the first few weeks or months after release unless it's explicitly announced that it will.
  • We strongly anticipate that Kotaro Lives Alone will be revived soon, given the response from critics and subscribers.

It should be noted that anime has only reached the top ten on Netflix in five countries. In Japan, whose most excellent ranking was third on March 13, it has made it into the complete 10 list, which is noteworthy.

What Can We Anticipate From Season 2 of Kotaro Lives Alone?

We learned a lot about the tragic and heartbreaking events that led Kotaro to live by himself throughout the first season.

kotaro lives alone season 2

  • Many of Kotaro's humorous traits, caused by parental neglect or trauma in the past, include his inclination toward tissues, which he was forced to consume when he was hungry.
  • Karino, Kotaro's neighbor, has kept an eye on the youngster still, and as each day goes by, Karino grows fonder of the youngster.
  • Kotaro still has plenty of little experiences in his neighborhood to look forward to, but because of Karino's terrible discovery, Kotaro hasn't found out that his mother has passed away.

The boy's father, who is still alive but abusive, is barred from seeing Kotaro because of it. Karino is currently the closest thing Kotaro has to a family member.

How Much of the Manga Has Been Adapted Into the Anime?

Kotaro Lives Alone is one of the most challenging mangas to locate online, with complete translations for the eight volumes currently in print.

  • Indeed, the manga has been so challenging that the only copies available so far are those sold by the Japanese publishers' websites.
  • The manga's first two volumes can be found and read online due to a recent promotion.
  • However, volumes 3 and on require a fee to read, and there are no English translations.
  • However, based on information we discovered online, the first season would have ended around the conclusion of volume 4. This means that the anime must adapt at least four more books.

When Will Kotaro Lives Alone's Second Season Premiere on Netflix?

We could anticipate further episodes by the end of the year or in the first quarter of 2023 if Kotaro Lives Alone has already been renewed and work on season 2 has begun.

If Liden Films is awaiting approval to make new episodes, expect to see more of Kotaro in the spring or summer of 2023.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Storyline

The season comes to a satisfying conclusion as Kotaro begins to accept that he is no longer abandoned and “lonely.” Most likely, Season 2 will show Kotaro as a slightly more mature adult who lives with Shin Karino and may act as his parent.

  • The second season of Kotaro Lives Alone might focus on their growing friendship and how they decided to spice things up by making Karino wealthy or fall in love.
  • Next, we'd like to examine how Kotaro competes for our attention. We can also think of more recent difficulties growing up, problems with his legal adoption, the father, showing up one lovely day, or moving to a different location entirely.
  • The ride will undoubtedly take us through all of our highest emotions. Kotaro should continue to be much more sophisticated and self-sufficient than his classmates throughout season 2.

As the show continues, he will meet more people, and viewers will presumably learn more about his history. However, Karino might be inspired by the young man and have some success in his career.


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