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Doctor G

Who doesn't like reality shows? I mean to all the people I have talked to till now, they have such fondness towards reality shows. So many reality shows, series and movies are aired on many channels, but the series “ Doctor G” has a separate fan base whole together. Its attractive and unique story has attracted many audiences and has established a position in their heart.

This reality show was originally aired on the Discovery Health Channel and Discovery Fit & Health. It was written by Christopher Carlson, Gretchen Morning, Emi Macuaga, Kellen Hertz And was narrated by Jeff Clot. It was published on July 23, 2004. It continued till 2012 with a lot of suspense of mysteries.

It has a total of eight seasons which contains 88 no of total episodes with some interesting and attractive storylines. 

So, let have a look at the storyline in brief. 

The Plot

The series talks about a medical examiner named DR.G who was working on the unexpected death in Orange and Osceola counties in Florida. Dr. G was also searching about similar deaths when working as a medical examiner in Bexar County, Texas. This also shows the dramatic re-enactments of the death, which was leading to the personal deaths. Also, the Interviews with Dr. G, family members, and the person related to death are shown in the story.

Here, the unexpected death which was investigated by DR.G can be attributed to many causes, like an undiagnosed medical condition, accidents, or foul play. For example, one of the instances said that a woman died after some days after committing suicide, but Dr. G found that her death was actually due to another reason and not due to her own. Another case dealt with the human bones that were found beside the railway tracks. And after a lot of investigation, it was discovered that the bones were of a young girl who was killed by her mother.

Much like other mysterious series, this series also has some mysterious and attractive storyline, that has attracted many audiences. 

The Journey of the Series

The story continued up to February 10, 2012, with 8 no of seasons and 88 episodes where we came across many mysterious cases investigated by Dr.G. Here she deals with America’s most shocking cases, in which she takes viewers out of her own morgue and profiles some of history's most baffling forensic mysteries.

After a long period of time, the series was re-aired by the TLC and AirTv with the same episodes. The last episode aired in February 2012. Reruns currently air on the Justice network.

Where Can We Watch Dr. G:

Above mentioned series was first published by the discovery health channel, and after that re-aired by TLC and AirTv and, and now we can only find it on highly influential online platforms like Amazon prime videos and Netflix.


Gan. C Garavaglia, who played the main role in the series, had played her role in a very different and unique style, and this character was liked by the viewers. She played the role of Dr. G. 


The 537 IMDb users have given an average rating of 8.4 out of ten, which shows that the series was liked by many viewers and can also be termed one of the best reality programs on television.

Wrapping Up

 Dr. G was a fully mysterious reality show that many viewers loved to watch, and because of its new attractive concept and storyline, it has attracted many audiences worldwide. Nevertheless, I would recommend you to see this series once if you like the stories related to the mystery. 

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