Know About the Die in a Gunfight Cast And Plot

So, what do you think after looking at the title Die in a Gunfight, you would think that someone was killed in a gunfight, and then the story was narrated, right? (yes, I am a mind reader, just kidding). But as there is a cliche saying, “Don't judge a book by its cover”, let's not judge the movie by its title.

If you are a fan of romance and like to see some romantic movies, then this is the one which will impress you with its creative storyline. 

It has secured 4.4 on 10 by IMDb ratings based upon 898 views, and 20% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 20 reviews. It got released on 16 July 2021 all over the US. This movie received a mixed review from the public.

In this movie, you will be introduced to many of the actors who made the movie attractive with their acting. So, let's have a brief look at the movie’s storyline, but I would give you a suggestion not to read the plot if you don’t want to get a spoiler of the movie.


All about the movie Die in a Gunfight

The movie is all about a couple named Ben and Mary who loved each other a lot and after a lot of struggles they went to Mexico to lead their life in a beautiful way.

Ben, a boy of 27, announced himself to be independent and bought a private house with his own earnings against his father, as his father was against the lifestyle which was led by Ben.

Mary, a girl of 16, parents consider her most severe indiscretion as having fallen in love with Ben. After that, she was sent to a boarding school for her further studies and to prevent Mary from seeing Ben, becoming a barrier between the couple. For a long period of time, they were far from each other and had spent a very bad time without each other.

After knowing that mary has come back from school, Ben, along with his inseparable friend Mukul, crashed a party at the Cathcart estate. At the party, both the family of ben and mary get confronted with each other. After that, ben tried to follow mary but failed due to Wayne's character who distracted him. 

But finally, after a lot of struggles, they met each other at the precedent of Ben and decided to marry each other as soon as possible.

But this was not the end of the struggles, Tarrance who was trying to kill Ben and to create a barrier in their relationship, had tried a lot to work on his plan to kill Ben, but he got failed due to Mary, who at last killed Tarrance for saving her love and this shows the bonding of the couple who led a beautiful life at last.

The ending of the movie made me speak “Awwwwwwwwwwww”, don't you feel the same way?

Who is the Cast of Die in Gunfight?

In this movie, you will be introduced to Alexandra Daddario as Mary, Diego Boneta as Ben, Justin Chatwin as Terrence, Travis Fimmel as Wayne, and many more co-artists who made this movie a successful production in the television market.

Wrapping Up

I hope you liked the story till now. The plot is awesome, with a fair share of Romanticism and twists with turns. With their dedication towards each other, the couple achieved their goal, which shows that dedication plays a key role in every individual's success and has given a perfect epitome of love. If you like movies full of romance and struggles I would recommend you to see the movie once.

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