Know About Delicious Great British Baking Show Season 12

Since Season 11's long-awaited conclusion last autumn, fans of baked delicacies and soothing British accents have been waiting with bated breath to learn when a new set of bakers will be arriving at the renowned white tent. GBBO piqued everyone's interest with a frustratingly brief teaser trailer featuring the classic theme song in early September, before revealing that the show's newest season will be available on Netflix starting September 24.

Each Friday, after its initial UK airing on Tuesdays, a new episode will premiere on Netflix in the United States.
Due to a copyright issue with the term “Bake-Off,” the show is titled The Great British Baking Show in the United States and The Great British Bake-Off in the United Kingdom. Each week, a group of home bakers compete in a series of themed challenges to see who can reach the pinnacle of their culinary prowess. It's long had a loyal fan base in the United Kingdom, and in recent years, it's grown just as popular with American

Let's Know About the Cast?

Former co-host Sandi Toksvig announced her departure from the programme last year, just two months before the COVID-19 pandemic forced much of the globe into lockdown, leaving new host, actor Matt Lucas, to pick up the torch for the first-of-its-kind season in a socially-disconnected cocoon. There will be no such changes this year, with Lucas and co-host Noel Fielding returning, as well as judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, who will prod loaves, dole out handshakes, and tell us if it was all worth the calories.

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What is There in the Episodes?

Episode 1

The bakers were given two hours to make 12 ornate mini rolls for the trademark challenge. Prue posed a technical challenge for the bakers: in two hours, they had to prepare a malt loaf with handmade butter. The bakers were given four hours to construct an anti-gravity illusion cake that represented a special memory in the showstopper challenge.

Episode 2

The bakers were given two hours to make 24 identical brandy snaps for the signature challenge. Paul's technical challenge asked the bakers to prepare 12 sandwiched jammy biscuits in one hour and 45 minutes, consisting of two cooked biscuits, jam, and buttercream. The bakers had to build a 3D biscuit copy of a beloved childhood toy for the show-stopper task. An interactive component was required for the reproduction.

Episode 3

The bakers were challenged to make a focaccia in 2 hours 45 minutes for the signature challenge. Paul's technical challenge required the bakers to make 15 olive and cheese ciabatta breadsticks in two hours, presented with a tzatziki sauce. The bakers were given four hours and 30 minutes to make a three-dimensional themed exhibit using milk bread for the show-stopper task.

great british baking show season 12

Episode 4

The bakers were challenged to make a beautifully adorned Pavlova in two hours and 45 minutes for the trademark challenge. Prue's technical assignment was to prepare four separate sticky toffee puddings with sticky toffee sauce, two Tuile triangles, and crème anglaise for the technical challenge.

The bakers have 90 minutes to complete their task. For the show-stopper challenge, the bakers were given the daunting job of creating a festive joconde imprime dessert in four hours and 30 minutes, which consisted of a lavishly adorned joconde sponge wrapped around at least two items.

Episode 5

The trademark challenge required the bakers to make two varieties of 12 German biscuits in two hours and 15 minutes, which had to be dipped, coated, or decorated. Prue set a time limit of two hours 45 minutes for the bakers to prepare a Prinzregententorte, which consists of eight thin layers of genoises sponge filled with chocolate cream, frosted with a glossy chocolate ganache, and topped with rosettes and tempered chocolate crowns.

The show-stopper required the bakers to make a yeast-leavened cake in four and a half hours. The cakes must have at least two tiers and be inspired by German yeasted cakes.

Episode 6

The bakers were entrusted with preparing two batches of glazed or iced Chouxnuts for the signature: six filled and six unfilled. Paul required the bakers to prepare a huge baklava for the technical challenge. They had two hours and 45 minutes to stack Filo pastry with a pistachio and walnut filling and cut into a star shape.

The bakers were tasked with creating a Terrine pie in four and a half hours for the show-stopper. On the outside, the pies required to have an intricate pastry adornment, and when sliced open, they needed to have a precise pattern or design.

Wrapping Up

Bake Off premiered to 5.7 million viewers and a 30.8 percent share, its lowest overnight rating since moving to Channel 4 in 2017 – 1.3 million fewer than in 2020. However, in terms of younger viewers, it was the show's biggest ever debut episode on Channel 4, with 61.9 percent of all young viewers watching TV at the time of broadcast.