Interesting facts about “Cooking with Paris” That You Cannot Miss

Are you a fan of talk shows? Do you love to watch your favorite celebrities gossip around and get a glance at what goes behind the starry glamour of the big screen curtain? Would you like a sneak peek at how your favorite Hollywood stars do their basic daily chores like cooking!!! Wonder how they are as a person??? If yes then you need to read this article about “Cooking With Paris

Don’t you feel bored by the same monotonous setup of celebs sitting on a couch? If I were to answer this question, then my answer would have been a big “YES”. To see the interview of your favorite actor and actress sitting on the couch and just talking, has become the thing of the past.

A fan like me looks for more, something like a gist of how do they spend their day. If you are one like me, then let’s feast our eyes on Cooking With Paris and catch them in action. 

cooking with Paris


The Culinary Magic inside Cooking With Paris

With her sprinkle, chatty and diva look, Paris Hilton will allure you to know her more, Plus who is not a fan of Kim Kardashian West, and guess what, she is our esteemed guest in the very first episode. WOW!! Isn't that exciting!!!!

Wait, wait, wait, that's not it, but in every episode, you will get to see and know your favorite celebrities in a talk show with cooking! “Voila”, What better way we have to get to know the real persona of our silver screen big-time stars more closely, isnt it??

Paris Hilton is going to give you a real sassy look. From on the latest trend she is setting? With every episode, she endeavors through the supermarket, reading out ingredients from her cookbook, and you will find her in the prettiest attire from a rare to find the collection.


 The Best Moments on Cooking With Paris

There is no shortage of the Heiress's confidence in the kitchen as she claims that she is not a professional but loves to cook as she prepares food with her guest, the one and only, the popular singer from Frozen's Let it go, Sorry not sorry and much more. Yes, you got it right, the beautiful and charming Demi Lovato

She does also have her fair share of mishaps; I remember the episode with comedians Nikki Glazer and Whitney Cummings when she tries to flip the burger using her diamond-encrusted spatula.

For her very second episode, when Hilton brought on rapper Saweetie as her sous chef, the ladies had planned to make her famous shrimp tacos. The women start creating handmade roasted salsa as they catch up over margaritas, which looks to be off to a fantastic start, but the mouth-watering dish was all good until the broiled veggies hit the blender.

They accidentally put the plastic salt shaker cap in the blender, and Oh, it was bits of plastic, and it couldn't dip the chips!!! But Luckily, taco night is saved by Saweetie’s shrimp tacos and Paris’s inventive fun fetti flan cake.

We were fortunate enough to receive a Christmas edition of “Cooking With Paris.” In Episode 5, our fearless, bejeweled leader prepares a Christmas meal for influencer Lele Pons, but she must overcome one of her greatest fears: raw turkey in order to prepare a traditional holiday feast.

Throughout the evening, we see her struggling in the markets and then in the kitchen. It was hilarious that the actress had absolutely no clue. She had absolutely no clue!!! “Oh my god, it has wings,” she says, disgusted, putting the turkey in the sink. And later, she mistakes the neck for the d–k. She adds that someone must have been a perv to stuff the turkey's ass with fruits and vegetables.


So What’s New??

Want to hear some new gossip in town!!! Paris is looking forward to featuring Britney SpearsDonna Summer and Lady Gaga in her production soon. Now that’s something!!! 

Paris is really taking the league of her mother's cooking, from where she got inspired; to the next level. She is really a boss lady as she in this very year only has ventured her way into six new businesses along with building a media company, you for sure would not like to miss on this exciting show.


Wrapping Up

Paris Hilton is leading her game in fashion, beauty and also in the musical empire, and now she is back on our TV screen with her international stardom. She is not hidden from the tabloids of newspapers, and every other day, her delightful dishes are in a bulletin to be read and gossiped about in the entire Hollywood Industry. 

In her own words:

“In the whole Influencer world, the influencer is the activist “.

With these encouraging words in mind, I summarize that with her new mixing it up to talk show and cooking, it will be a spectacle and will bring huge TRPs and take the entertainment business to new heights. “Cooking With Paris” is now streaming on Netflix.

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