Kizuna AI Face Reveal: Has She Revealed Her Mysterious Identity?

Kizuna AI is one of the most iconic and intriguing individuals in the world of virtual YouTubers (VTubers) and digital personas.

This AI-powered figure has enchanted millions for years with her virtual presence, comedy, and intriguing material. Nonetheless, one curiosity has remained throughout her meteoric climb to fame: what does Kizuna AI look like under her animated mask?

This article delves into the enthralling world of Kizuna AI and the mystery behind her face reveal.

Who Is Kizuna AI?

Kizuna AI is a Japanese virtual YouTuber (VTuber) who is currently a subsidiary of the digital entertainment business Activ8.

She was the most subscribed VTuber on YouTube from her debut in 2016 until 2021, with over 4 million subscribers across three YouTube channels and 1 million subscribers on Chinese video platform Bilibili.

Kizuna AI launched her “A.I.Channel” on YouTube on November 29, 2016. A second channel, “A.I.Games,” for gaming material, was launched in March 2017, and a third, “A.I.Channel China,” was launched in June 2019 for a Chinese audience. She went on indefinite hiatus after a live event on February 24, 2022.

Although English-Japanese Ami Yamato's channel was the first to use a CG avatar for vlogging purposes on YouTube, debuting her first video in 2011, Kizuna is the world's first virtual YouTuber with the characteristics we know today, much like the one who coined the term Virtual YouTuber.

Kizuna AI Face Reveal

Long-time VTuber fans will be pleased to learn that the original actress behind AI will be involved in the proceedings. Nozomi Kasuga, as fans have long suspected, is that actress.

Kizuna AI Face Reveal

Kasuga's involvement as Kizuna AI, which was previously unknown, was confirmed in both the company's press announcement and on Kasuga's own Twitter account.

Her engagement in the production is her first since quitting the role, following the addition of other actresses (including an official Chinese actress) to handle the character's varied activities.

Kasuga will serve as advisor to Representative Director Eriko Matsumoto.

What Type of Content Does Kizuna AI Post?

Kizuna's video content is comparable to that of many other YouTubers, consisting mostly of debates, Q&A videos, and more traditional “Let's Play” videos, however, she began livestreaming at least once per week years later.

Because Kizuna mostly interacts in Japanese, fans donated translations for her videos, and entire unofficial communities sprung up around these translators, filling the void left by the absence of an official English community until 2020, when official subtitles were introduced.

Kizuna has played at a number of anime conventions, and virtual concerts, and has collaborated with a number of game businesses. She has also been on television shows and in ads, not just on YouTube, even appearing in the middle of Shibuya. She has become an international virtual celebrity.

How Did Kizuna AI Rise to Fame?

Kizuna AI was initially maintained directly by Activ8, the company that created her, under the name Project A.I. beginning in 2016. The project was transferred to in-house agency upd8 in 2018.

Following an announcement on April 24, 2020, Activ8 revealed that Kizuna AI has been transferred from upd8 to a new subsidiary firm dedicated solely to her, Kizuna AI Inc.

With the revelation, Japanese voice actress Nozomi Kasuga also revealed her involvement as Kizuna AI's voice model and advisor. Kizuna AI Inc. formally began operations on May 11, 2020, with Eriko Matsumoto as CEO.

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