Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Val Kilmer’s funniest Movie

Everyone is a fan of Robert Downey Jr. And his iron man role in the Marvel Avengers phase one to phase three movies. He is also notably the superstar face portraying Sherlock Holmes on the silver screen. As all of his roles fascinated us, this movie is going to be a delight too. In fact, lemme tell you a secret, it's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which began RDJs upward drift and finally ascension onto the ultimate throne of the cinematic empire. Yes, this movie is the beginning of a saga that ended with the famous words ” I am Iron Man “.(snap)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a great saga of crime and comedy; trust me, today's recommendation is an all-time favourite. A gold which, no matter how many times you watch, is never sweeping down from the favourites lists.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

A great start for the cast!!!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a 2005 American black production directed by Shane Black starring Robert Downey Jr, Val Kilmer, Michelle Monaghan, and Corbin Bernsen. All treasured actors on one screen.

Fun facts. This is Val Kilmer's one of the funniest performances, among his other movies like Heat– which is a crime drama movie you can't miss, TOP SECRET- which is another Comedy movie of Val,  Val– A Whole documentary on Val Kilmer.

This movie was the directorial debut of Shane Black, and it opened the gate for him into the marvel world as he was invited to co-write and direct the sequel Iron Man 3.

Half murder mystery and half romantic comedy

How often does this happen that your real emotions get mistaken for method acting? Something similar to this happens with Harry Lockhart, a thief. When he thought his life would be out of dark lanes of crime as he started prepping for an upcoming role in a movie with the help of a private investigator, “Gay” Perry van Shrike.


But little did he know that the adventures of his life had just begun. Harry found himself at the centroid of a murder investigation. A thriller suspense case with a twist and turn on who the real killer was. 

As the story unfolds in front of the audience, the mystery is interlaced with many ongoing revelations about who's double-crossing whom.

Love blossoms

Harry happens to meet his crush from school time, Harmony Lane. She is also an actress aiming to make it up for a role in Hollywood. Harry finds himself falling in love with Harmony.

Mystery continues

Perry came across a car submerged in the Lake with the corpse of a female. In an attempt to rescue by shooting at a car lock, he shoots the dead body. 

They feared that it might look like Perry murdered her, which he didn't. So They decided to keep it a secret. 

With Harmony believing Harry to be a private investigator, harmony approaches Harry about her sister Jenna who supposedly committed suicide. With a dead body, a suicide and a lot of confusion regarding the transparency of identity between each character. 

Perry decides to involve Harry in the investigation. Intrigued by all that was going around, Harry decides to play detective. During the investigation of the case, Harry and Perry become suspicious of the party invitees as Harry and Perry set out to uncover the murderer's identity, with all the audience at the tip of their seats. All that follows is a delight to behold.

The movie leaves a mark.

The role of detective Perry as a gay is an attempt to break stereotypes about the LGBTQIA+ community. 

It's all inspired by a book

The movie is based on the book titled Bodies are where you find them(1941)

What's interesting is that the title of the movie was switched from “You'll Never Die in this Town Again” to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in between the filming. 

Audience Reception

With a blockbuster release, the film ended up earning $15,785,148. The all-starer did prove its worth. With over 220 thousand reviews, it is rated 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb ( 239 critic reviews.) 

Awards Won by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

This film secured five awards, 16 Nominations and was nominated by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Film, USA (2006). RDJ has claimed it to be the best movie he has ever done. It has been called the best thriller movie by the Empire Magazine.

Wrapping up

I am sure you must be looking forward to seeing this mystery, romantic thriller. If you already have a comment below to share your experiences. For a post on Val Kilmer's biography and more such content, you can visit our website.