King of Stonks Release Date: Cast, Plot and Is It Based On True Story?

Enjoy your comedy-drama full of scenes of characters amassing enormous sums of riches through mostly unlawful methods. The new German production King of Stonks, available on Netflix, will be strictly up your alley.

Expect a lot of rowdy parties when the good times start rolling around since it has been likened to the German version of the Wolf of Wall Street. It has the potential to generate a great deal of dramatic tension. However, a catastrophic failure is always just around the corner, waiting to happen.

You should have the subtitles turned on for this one (unless you are proficient in German). Still, with the success of Squid Game, it appears that Netflix is becoming more confident that its audience who speak English are more receptive to hearing a variety of narratives. Everything you need to know about the new show is included in this article.

What Is the US Release Date of King of Stonks?

King of Stonks
King of Stonks

The movie King of Stonks is scheduled to be released in the United States on July 4, 2013. This month, the streaming portal has added several popular shows and movies, including the latest installments of Stranger Things, Resident Evil, and the fourth season of Virgin River.

This month, you should also be able to watch movies like “Up in the Air,” “Natural Born Killers,” and the brand-new original production from Netflix called “Persuasion.” From the description, it is reasonable to assume that the audience will be taken on an exciting and thought-provoking trip throughout the series.

The official trailer contributes even more to the enrichment of the series description with additional context.

Trailer of King of Stonks

The Cast of King of Stonks

Because King of Stonks is a German-language program, many of the cast members may be foreign to those of us in the US. The following actors and characters are among the most prominent in the cast:

  • Matthias Brandt plays Magnus A Cramer, CEO of Cablecash
  • Thomas Schubert plays Felix Armand, COO of Cablecash
  • Sheila Williams plays Larissa Sirah Herden, a short seller at the company

Philipp Kaßbohrer and Matthias Murmann, who previously worked on the critically acclaimed and widely watched series How to Sell Drugs Online, serve as showrunners and executive producers for King of Stonks (Fast). Along with Fabienne Hurst and Mats Frey, Jan Eichberg, who also contributed to the writing of How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), was responsible for its creation.


What Can We Anticipate From the German Series' First Season?

King of Stonks
King of Stonks

Along with the publication of the official teaser for the German series on June 8, 2022, Netflix also distributed the official description for the first season of the German series. The following is how the summary reads when translated:

“Felix Armand's goal is to work his way to the top. He has aspirations of being the Chief Executive Officer of the most successful fu*king FinTech firm in Europe. Unfortuitously, however, everything blows up in his face at the initial public offering, including money laundering, investor fraud, and Internet pornography.

He is responsible for seeing everything at the same time as it is due. While all is going on, his egomaniacal employer Magnus is getting all the attention. Sheila Williams, a short seller, becomes Felix's love interest along the road, and he desperately needs to avoid her at all costs. However, Felix finds himself falling in love with Williams.”

If the synopsis is any indication, the viewer may anticipate that the series will take them on a thought-provoking and exciting journey. The official trailer contributes even more to providing context for the series synopsis.

Is King of Stonks an Adaptation of a Genuine Story?

King of Stonks
King of Stonks

King of Stonks is, in a sense, a German adaptation of the American film The Wolf of Wall Street. The film is a spoof on the Wirecard incident that occurred in Germany and made headlines worldwide.

Although the corporation is referred to as Cable Cash AG in the Netflix adaptation, rather than Wirecard AG, you still get a general idea. You may anticipate stories of folks who will do anything to get very rich quickly, including money laundering, political corruption, and criminal activity.

If the teaser trailer is any indication, there will be scenes of exuberant celebration interspersed with periods of darkness as the house of cards that foundations their enterprise begins its inevitable collapse. These sequences will be included in the film.

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