King’s Face Revealed: Unmasking the Mysterious Character in One Piece!

One Piece, the legendary manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda, has captivated fans worldwide for decades with its daring adventures, fascinating characters, and enticing mysteries.

One of the most intriguing mysteries in the One Piece universe has been the identity and appearance of King, a high-ranking member of the Beast Pirates and one of the key antagonists in the Wano Arc.

Fans have long speculated about King's true identity, and the recent twists in the series have finally revealed the enigmatic figure.

Who Is King in One Piece?

The manga's first appearance of King came in chapter #920. He is one of the Beasts Pirates' top officers (known as All-Stars) and the frightening Kaidou's right-hand man. Because he is always dressed in a dark costume that covers his skin, King's true look is mostly unknown.

A pair of huge, black wings and flames naturally glowing on his back indicated that King belonged to a non-human race, which was subsequently discovered to be the near-extinct Lunarians. His face, however, and his relationship with Kaidou had remained a mystery until now.

King Face Reveal

The conflict between the Straw Hats and the Beasts Pirates is reaching a climax as the “Wano Arc” nears its conclusion. While Captain Luffy is fighting Kaidou, the two remaining All-Stars, King and Queen, have been engaged by the Straw Hats' two strongest fighters, Zoro and Sanji.

Sanji ultimately dispatches Queen at the start of chapter #1035, before the scene shifts to Zoro's bouts. He had difficulty fighting King until now because, in addition to a set of devastating skills derived from his Devil Fruit, his opponent had extraordinary resilience and the capacity to make and manage flames.

King's inherent skills are a result of his Lunarian ancestry. His extinct race was formerly thought to be godlike, and his crewmate Queen describes them as “monsters that can survive in any environment.” However, Zoro eventually learned out how to negate these skills and cut off King's mask with his first clean strike of the fight.

One Piece: King Face Reveal

With the latest episode of the series, One Piece has finally shown what King's face looks like behind his mask and even delves into his background!

The final two Lead Performers are now squaring battle against Sanji and Zoro as the fight against Kaido and Big Mom's armies reaches a peak with the newest string of chapters.

As we saw in the previous encounter with King, Zoro failed to cause any significant damage to the Lead Performer, who continued to easily deflect any attacks Zoro made. However, his background helps to understand this.

King Face Reveal

It was implied that King was a member of an ancient and powerful race, which gave him the strength he possessed in the struggle against Zoro. Zoro is inflicting enough damage to tear apart King's suit as he proceeds to crank it up a notch and use his Conqueror's Haki to better handle Oden's old sword, Enma.

With this damage, King finally displays his whole face, and fans get a glimpse of what kind of history shaped the Lead Performer into who he is now.

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The fight between Zoro and King is revisited in Chapter 1035 of the story, and Zoro has discovered that when King does not have his flames on his back, his defensive power decreases but he gains speed.

One attack produces enough damage to rip right through King's mask, causing him to tear it off and show his entire face. It is revealed that he kept his identity hidden since his black wings, white hair, and brown skin are hints to a race for which the government will pay 100 million berries to locate any clues.

How Does King's Face Look Like Without Mask?

The only distinctive qualities on King's face are his white hair and dark brown skin, which appear to be shared by all Lunarians. He also has a strange, visible tattoo surrounding his left eye, the purpose of which is unknown.

Said hair is shaved on the sides but left long on top, where it is primarily brought back and bound at King's occiput before flowing loose past his nape; some sidelocks drop down on the right side of King's face, to his collarbone, and include a small braid.

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King has narrow red eyes, prominent dark brows, a straight nose, prominent lips, and a square, stubby chin. A dark-colored tattoo of what looks like a laurel wreath or olive branch circles halfway around his left eye on its outer side.

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